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NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 Cisco Router Network Module


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The Cisco NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 network module is an indispensable investment for businesses seeking to scale and optimize their wireless network infrastructure. Designed specifically for Cisco 2800/3800 series routers, it simplifies the expansive role of network management by allowing control of up to 12 APs from a centralized point. By deploying this module, IT departments will benefit from a streamlined WLAN setup that integrates smoothly with existing Cisco equipment, eliminating compatibility concerns and maximizing return on investment.

With this module, network security is fortified through a suite of Cisco’s advanced security protocols. As WLANs are particularly vulnerable to threats, the robust security features ensure continuous, uninterrupted service while safeguarding sensitive data. The NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 significantly reduces the complexity typically associated with managing a secure wireless network, from initial setup to daily operations.

Efficiency and productivity are further enhanced as the NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 allows for rapid deployment of APs and real-time network adjustments to accommodate changing business needs. It assures high availability and reliability of wireless services, which is critical for organizations increasingly dependent on mobile and IoT devices.

The integrated solution minimizes the need for extensive IT training or additional equipment, reducing operational costs. Furthermore, the Cisco network module’s scalability ensures it meets not only current wireless demands but also future growth, safeguarding the network against obsolescence.

In summary, the Cisco NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 is a strategic choice for businesses that demand robust security, high performance, and ease of network management. Investing in this network module positions businesses to capitalize on the efficiency and productivity gains that a high-quality, secure wireless network provides. 12-AP WLAN Controller NM for Cisco 2800/3800 Series Cisco Router Network Module

Affordability Meets Quality

When investing in a NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 Cisco Router Network Module, financial viability is crucial. Northland Systems stands out with its unmatched blend of affordability and quality hardware. Delivering these network essentials at wholesale prices, the company upholds a 100% Low Price Guarantee, solidifying the commitment to economical yet high-caliber offerings.

Complimentary Expert Support

Purchasing through Northland Systems grants access to invaluable free CCIE technical support. Customers benefit from a wealth of expertise, available through multiple touchpoints, ensuring a seamless setup and deployment of their Cisco Modules & Cards. This complimentary assistance underscores Northland’s dedication to superior service, at no additional expense.

Secure, Flexible Transactions

Transactional integrity is not to be overlooked. Clients experience peace of mind with secure options for payment and tailored shipping solutions. Certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured testify to Northland’s rigorous security standards and commitment to transactional ease and flexibility.

Authenticity and Condition Guarantee

Northland Systems guarantees that each NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 module is authentic, offering a choice between pristine ‘New Sealed’, or dependable ‘Used / Refurbished’ conditions. Thorough testing by Cisco-certified engineers ascertains reliability, ensuring that all Networking Accessories meet stringent performance benchmarks.

Customer Confidence Assurance

Trust is paramount. That’s why Northland Systems extends a 100% Money Back Guarantee. It’s a reaffirmation of confidence for customers seeking Networking Accessories, cementing the notion that satisfaction isn’t just expected — it’s assured.

Reputation and Exclusive Discounts

With a trailblazing legacy dating back to 1997, Northland Systems is synonymous with trust. This longstanding market presence is complemented by substantial discounts on Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards, presenting a dual advantage of established repute and financial savvy.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware Advantages

The decision to opt for pre-owned hardware brings a host of benefits. Economical pricing, swift delivery, comprehensive warranty coverage, ecological sustainability, and access to essential legacy parts are just a few of the upside of selecting items like Cisco Modules & Cards > NM NME EM Network Modules from Northland Systems. This choice supports technological eco-friendliness and long-term operational constancy.

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Image of Cisco NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 network module, compatible with 2800/3800 series routers, for WLAN management & Cisco equipment upgrade.

NME-AIR-WLC12-K9 Cisco Router Network Module

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