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About Northland Systems

In 1997, three significant events occurred: 1) scientists cloned Dolly the sheep, 2) Married… with Children was canceled, and 3) on January 16th, Northland Systems’ first two employees, founder Bob Bernu and CFO Dana McMasters, opened its doors for business.

Those early days were filled with promise and excitement. With the .com bubble fueling IT growth and Y2K on everyone’s mind, Northland Systems soon found itself adding sales executives and expanding its footprint throughout the USA, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. Today Northland Systems is a Gartner recognized world leader of IT solutions and continues to be a strong reseller of Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, and Oracle server, storage, and networking products.

With the 2008 financial crisis preventing many companies from funding new equipment purchases, a new business practice emerged within Northland Systems: NorthSmartIT. Since 2008, NorthSmartIT has been on a mission to help companies maintain their equipment beyond the manufacturer’s End of Life dates and provide a cost-effective alternative to spiraling OEM hardware maintenance costs.

Two foundation pieces of Northland’s business approach were laid back in 1997 and remain relevant today: 1) ALWAYS do what’s in the best interest of the client, and 2) remain humble and grateful for every success.

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