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Why Buy Used Cisco Products From Northland Systems?

All of Northland Systems’ refurbished Cisco equipment is fully inspected and tested by Cisco certified engineers before shipping with all original accessories.

Buying used Cisco hardware from Northland Systems gives you better control of your expenses by lowering your capital expenditure and extending the useful life of your legacy systems.

Cisco is an industry-leading provider reliable and secure IT products and services, including routers, switches, wireless, servers and infrastructure, and security devices. View a selection of popular Cisco products from the thousands in our inventory below.

Often times it makes business sense to buy pre-owned Cisco equipment that operates equal to new. For the past 24 years, Northland Systems has been providing an alternative to expensive new Cisco products by offering used/pre-owned Cisco hardware under half the cost of new. Additionally, Northland offers a 3rd party maintenance solution for all your switching, routing, wireless, and server needs. All of our Cisco product is tested, refurbished, and certified by our networking engineers prior to shipping.

Benefits of Buying from Northland Systems

While having shiny new Cisco equipment brings a nice feeling, why not consider like-new refurbished Cisco products that offer the same or better reliability? A refurbished solution from Northland Systems presents many advantages–cost being the most significant. Pre-owned Cisco devices are up to 90% cheaper that manufacturer list prices. Here are some of the other benefits of buying used Cisco equipment from Northland Systems:

  • We provide a more extended warranty. Most brand new Cisco equipment comes with a standard 90-day warranty. Meanwhile, we offer one-year to lifetime warranties on our pre-owned Cisco hardware.
    Our refurbished Cisco products have a high reliability rating (99.5% and up). While most OEMs do conduct regular spot checks every quarter or half-year, we run several tests on each component that we sell to guarantee your peace of mind.
  • Used Cisco systems are more resilient to wear and tear. Brand new units typically experience bog-downs within the first month of use. That is not typical of refurbished Cisco equipment because they have already gone through stress tests that made them better equipped to handle “burns.”
  • Having access to Northlands’ pre-owned Cisco equipment and maintenance services gives you the flexibility to extend the usefulness of your network and not be forced to purchase expensive new hardware prematurely.

Cisco Product Expertise

Our Cisco-certified engineers have been providing their expertise and support to clients for 24 years, delivering best-in-class input and design that takes how you manage your networks to another level. We listen to what you need, understand your business requirements, and provide solutions and recommendations on how to optimize your product life cycles and budget.

Cisco Life Cycle Management

We provide reliable and sustainable solutions for every stage of your life cycle at a fraction of the cost. You can count on Northland Systems to serve you throughout the entire hardware transition. Our LCM process covers finding the best hardware for your needs, onboarding (installation, staging, configuration), hardware support and maintenance, hardware decommissioning (and their safe disposal), and recovering value for used equipment.

Cisco Maintenance

Get more from your purchase with our NorthSmartIT Third Party Maintenance offering. We develop a customized Cisco hardware maintenance solution based on your unique requirements while also considering your equipment’s OEM life cycle status. Our approach guarantees that you will see lower CapEx and OpEx with fewer contract issues. Our response times also meet or exceed your requirements to eliminate daily operational headaches and downtimes.

Many of our clients have realized annual maintenance savings of as much as 70% through the NorthSmart IT Third-Party Maintenance program.

Need help with obtaining the right Cisco systems for your business? Don’t see what you are looking for from this list? We can help you! Contact us at 864-400-2005 or request a quote.


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