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PWR-C45-1400AC Cisco Catalyst 4500 Non-PoE Power Supply

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Investing in the PWR-C45-1400AC power supply unit from Cisco is a strategic move for IT professionals seeking to enhance the operational stability of their network infrastructure. As a critical component of the Catalyst 4500 series, this power supply ensures flawless performance by delivering a robust 1400W of AC power, specifically designed for non-PoE configurations, which eliminates any unnecessary power provisioning complexity in your network system.

One of the compelling reasons for choosing PWR-C45-1400AC is its remarkable Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 570,530 hours, symbolizing its reliability and long-term durability. A high MTBF indicates fewer disruptions and maintenance requirements, translating to reduced downtime and, by extension, lower operational costs.

Additionally, versatility is another advantage offered by this power module. Its compatibility with the entire Cisco Catalyst 4500-E series and classic chassis provides flexibility for different network setups. This is especially beneficial for businesses running various models of these switches, as it enables them to standardize on one type of power supply across different units.

Installation is straightforward and seamless, which is crucial for maintaining continuity in fast-paced business environments. Network administrators can expect minimal disruptions during power supply upgrades or replacements. Also, when it comes to future-proofing your investment, the PWR-C45-1400AC being available as a spare (denoted by PWR-C45-1400AC=) is invaluable, as it ensures that backups are on hand for immediate switch-over in the event of a failure.

For organizations that are conscious about energy costs and efficiency, the auto-sensing capability of the power supply unit catering to both 110V and 220V inputs can lead to better power management and energy savings.

In summary, the PWR-C45-1400AC power supply module stands as a testament to Cisco’s commitment to quality, reliability, and efficiency. It is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern network infrastructures, offering a level of assurance that IT departments need for maintaining an uninterrupted and dependable networking environment.

PWR-C45-1400AC is a Cisco Catalyst Switch 4500 Series Switch Power Supply, delivering 1400W AC power (data only) for Cisco 4500 switches. Notice that PWR-C45-1400AC= is similar with PWR-C45-1400AC, except that PWR-C45-1400AC= is a spare one. 

Quick Spec

Table 1.

Product Code



Cisco System Inc.

Product Type

Power Supply Module

Compatible product

Cisco Catalyst 4500-E Series Switches and classic chassis

Power Input

1400W AC (Data Only)


110V (16A) / 220V (7A)

Rated MTBF (Hours)


Product Details

Figure 1. PWR-C45-1400AC can be installed in the Catalyst 4500 switch Chassis.

Compatible Products

Table 2. Recommended Compatible Switches.




Cat4500 E-Series 3-Slot Chassis, fan, no ps


Cat4500 E-Series 7-Slot Chassis, fan, no ps, Red Sup Capable


Cat4500 E-Series 10-Slot Chassis, fan, no ps,Red Sup Capable


Catalyst 4500E 7 slot chassis for 48Gbps/slot – Supervisor Engine redundancy – Power redundancy


Catalyst 4500 E-Series 6-Slot Chassis, fan, no ps

Compare to Similar Item

Table 3. Comparison of similar item.

Product Code




Cisco System Inc.

Cisco System Inc.

Product Type

Power Supply Module

Power Supply Module

Compatible product

Cisco Catalyst 4500-E Series Switches and classic chassis

Cisco Catalyst 4500-E Series Switches and classic chassis

Power Input

1400W AC (Data Only)

Up to 1300W AC Power and 800W PoE Power

Rated MTBF (Hours)



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Northland Systems offers the PWR-C45-1400AC Cisco Catalyst 4500 Non-PoE Power Supply at wholesale prices. This power supply is recognized for its reliability and conforms to high-quality standards. Customers benefit from the 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring the best value for their investment without any compromise on product quality.

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All products, including the Catalyst 4500 Switch Power Supply, are guaranteed to be authentic and available in new or certified refurbished conditions. They are meticulously tested by Cisco-certified engineers to ensure reliability and performance.

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Northland Systems instills customer confidence through a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This policy underscores the trustworthiness of the acquisition and customer satisfaction.

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Opting for pre-owned network hardware like the Cisco Power Supply brings several advantages including lower costs, rapid delivery, full warranty coverage, reduced environmental impact, and access to legacy parts essential for maintaining long-term system operations.

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