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P9S25A – HPE G2 Mtrd/Swtd 3P 22kVA/C13 INTL PDU


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The HPE G2 Metered/Switched 3P 22kVA/C13 International Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is essential for modern data centers requiring precise power management. This robust PDU offers the capabilities to enhance power distribution, ensure consistent power for your equipment, and reduce the risk of downtime. It features advanced metering for monitoring and optimizing energy usage at the outlet level, ensuring that you utilize power resources efficiently.

With a capacity of 22kVA, it’s well-suited for environments with high-density rack equipment. The remote on/off switching capabilities allow administrators to manage individual outlets from a distance, enabling quick responses to configuration changes or issues, improving management flexibility and control. This remote accessibility not only ensures easy handling of power distribution but also reduces the need for manual intervention, saving time and labor costs.

Network connectivity grants the advantage of integrating the PDU with network management systems, allowing for centralized monitoring of your power infrastructure, critical for preventive maintenance and immediate action when irregularities are detected. Additionally, the integration can help in effectively managing power resources across multiple servers and racks, ensuring business continuity and operational efficiency. The PDU’s intuitive LCD display provides instantaneous access to important data on-site for local troubleshooting and power management.

Overload protection ensures that connected devices are safeguarded against electrical peaks, prolonging device lifespan and ensuring consistent service. The HPE G2 PDU’s reliability means fewer interruptions in service and more predictable performance within your IT environment. Furthermore, its compatibility with international standards and the inclusion of IEC C13 outlets make it a versatile choice for diverse data center setups. Choosing the HPE G2 PDU is an investment in sophisticated, intelligent power distribution that can adapt to the changing demands of your data center.

HPE G2 Mtrd/Swtd 3P 22kVA/C13 INTL PDU

P9S25A – HPE G2 Mtrd/Swtd 3P 22kVA/C13 INTL PDU from Northland Systems

Unmatched Quality at a Fraction of the Cost

When investing in server infrastructure, the P9S25A – HPE G2 Mtrd/Swtd 3P 22kVA/C13 INTL PDU stands out, specifically when sourced from Northland Systems. Prospective buyers benefit from high-quality products that don’t strain budgets. Thanks to Northland’s 100% Low Price Guarantee, customers access wholesale prices without sacrificing the high standards set by HPE Server Accessories.

Complimentary Expert Technical Support

The complexity of network equipment demands competent technical support. Northland Systems excels in this, providing free expert CCIE technical support with the P9S25A PDU purchase. The knowledge imparted by these industry veterans is invaluable, ensuring you get the most out of your PDU without additional expenses.

Safe, Flexible Purchasing Experience

Customers are assured of a secure transaction for every purchase. Northland Systems honours this commitment through certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, enhancing customer confidence. The multitude of flexible shipping options further customizes the purchasing experience to match individual logistical needs.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Premium Condition

Authenticity is paramount in network equipment. The P9S25A PDU, like all Northland offerings, is guaranteed to be genuine. Clients choose between “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished,” certified for reliability by Cisco-certified engineers. This assurance of authenticity and condition cements Northland as a leading supplier for HPE Server Other Accessories.

Reinforced Customer Confidence with Money Back Guarantee

Trust is essential, and Northland reinforces it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Should the P9S25A PDU not meet expectations, customers rest easy knowing their investment is protected, ensuring a relationship based on confidence and satisfaction.

Decades of Industry Trust and Economical Discounts

Northland’s establishment in 1997 underpins a long history of reliable service in the server accessories sector. Expect substantial discounts off market prices for the P9S25A PDU, reflecting Northland’s commitment to economical efficiency without compromising expertise.

The Smart Choice with Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned HPE Server Accessories brings multiple benefits. Significant cost savings and quick delivery meet the immediate needs of businesses, while a full warranty and commitment to sustainable practices denote a responsible purchasing decision. Moreover, access to legacy parts ensures stable, long-term system performance, making Northland’s pre-owned hardware an intelligent acquisition for forward-thinking enterprises.

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HPE G2 Metered/Switched 3P 22kVA/C13 International PDU (P9S25A) rack power distribution unit

P9S25A – HPE G2 Mtrd/Swtd 3P 22kVA/C13 INTL PDU

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