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P9R84A – HPE G2 Mtrd 3P 22kVA/60309 Vt INTL PDU


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Choosing the HPE G2 Metered 3P 22kVA/60309 Vertical International PDU provides several benefits to any data center setup. Primarily, it offers an efficient way to monitor and manage power distribution to ensure smooth operations. Its metered capability allows data center administrators to keep a close eye on power consumption, identifying areas where efficiency can be improved, thereby potentially reducing operational costs.

The 22kVA power capacity means it can support a large volume of equipment without strain. The three-phase power distribution is more efficient than single-phase PDUs for high-capacity servers and networking equipment. This ensures that there’s less chance of power imbalances and improves the reliability of the power supply to all connected devices.

Installation and integration are streamlined with the PDU’s vertical design, which fits alongside rack-mounted equipment without taking up valuable rack space. The vertical layout also aids with better cable management, leading to a tidier data center and reduced risk of accidental disconnections or tripping hazards.

Additionally, the international compatibility is crucial for global enterprises operating data centers in different regions, ensuring they can use the same PDU model across various locations without worrying about local power standards.

The HPE brand is synonymous with durability and performance. Investing in this particular model of PDU guarantees a product from a manufacturer with a proven track record of delivering quality data center components.

In short, the HPE G2 Metered 3P 22kVA/60309 Vertical International PDU is not only a tool for distributing power but also an asset in optimizing and managing power consumption, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring uptime — key indicators of a reliable, cost-effective data center.

HPE G2 Mtrd 3P 22kVA/60309 Vt INTL PDU

Affordability Meets Quality with P9R84A – HPE G2 Mtrd 3P 22kVA/60309 Vt INTL PDU

Purchasing the high-powered P9R84A – HPE G2 Metered 3P 22kVA/60309 Vt INTL PDU from Northland Systems provides a unique blend of affordability and uncompromised quality. The cost-effectiveness of Northland’s wholesale pricing, coupled with a 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensures that customers are investing in a valuable product that meets stringent performance standards.

Optimized with Free Expert Support

With Northland Systems, the P9R84A comes with an added benefit — free expert CCIE technical support. This service, accessible across multiple channels, ensures that purchasers have the necessary guidance to integrate their PDU systems efficiently and effectively, at no additional cost.

Transactional Security and Flexibility

Customers are assured of a secure and streamlined purchasing experience. Every transaction is safeguarded with industry-standard certifications such as McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Furthermore, Northland Systems provides flexible shipping options, enhancing the overall convenience of your purchase.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Condition

Northland Systems guarantees that the P9R84A PDUs are genuine and authentic, available in either brand-new sealed or certified refurbished condition. Each product undergoes thorough testing by Cisco-certified engineers, ensuring dependable operation for your critical infrastructure.

Building Customer Confidence

Every purchase at Northland Systems is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This commitment underscores the trust customers can have in the quality and dependability of their PDU, fostering a worry-free purchasing experience.

Renowned Reputation and Attractive Discounts

With a proven track record in the industry since 1997, Northland Systems provides substantial discounts without compromising excellence. The long-standing reputation of the company speaks volumes about reliability and customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for the P9R84A from the pre-owned market through Northland Systems comes with several advantages. Customers enjoy significant cost savings, rapid delivery, and robust warranty coverage. Additionally, the choice for pre-owned hardware supports environmental sustainability and provides access to legacy parts, essential for maintaining long-term stability in IT environments.

Why Northland Systems Stands Out in Server Accessories

When seeking HPE Server Other Accessories within Server Accessories or looking specifically for HPE Server Accessories, Northland Systems presents an inventory of quality products. Each piece of hardware passes through a meticulous vetting process to ensure peak performance, ultimately delivering excellence in the Servers category.

Invest in Your IT Infrastructure With Confidence

Choose Northland Systems for the P9R84A – HPE G2 Metered 3P 22kVA/60309 Vt INTL PDU and benefit from their industry prowess, commitment to quality, and customer-first guarantees. Upgrade your data center with a product that epitomizes reliability and excellence.

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HPE G2 Metered 3P 22kVA PDU in a data center, showing power monitoring display & multiple outlets.

P9R84A – HPE G2 Mtrd 3P 22kVA/60309 Vt INTL PDU

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