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P9K40A – HPE 42U 600×1200 Ent G2 Shock Rack


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Investing in the HPE 42U 600×1200 Ent G2 Shock Rack promises an array of benefits for safeguarding and managing your IT equipment. The rack’s 42U size is considerable for accommodating high-density hardware configurations, making it suitable for enterprises aiming to optimize vertical storage space. Its depth of 1200mm is designed for more accessible and organized cable management, an important aspect to maintain system operations and future scalability.

The shock rack’s robust construction ensures your delicate server and networking hardware are shielded during transport and in their final data center location, reducing risks related to physical jolts or impacts. This feature is crucial for mobile deployments or environments where equipment safety cannot be compromised.

Also, the HPE rack aligns with high cooling efficiency requirements. The perforated front and rear doors facilitate enhanced air circulation, maintaining optimal operating temperatures and lowering the risk of heat-induced malfunctions, which could otherwise lead to system downtime or component damage.

The design caters to seamless integration with HPE’s range of server and networking technologies. Compatibility with brand-specific hardware streamlines the infrastructure setup process, offering a cohesive environment that promotes operational consistency and reduces setup times. This compatibility ensures that IT administrators can expect predictable performance and straightforward maintenance routines.

Another strategic advantage of this rack is its scalability. As enterprises grow, so do their IT needs. The HPE 42U 600×1200 Ent G2 Shock Rack is a future-proof investment, ready to house additional hardware, support increasing workloads, and adapt to evolving technologies without the need for frequent replacements.

By opting for the HPE 42U Enterprise G2 Shock Rack, organizations can expect a durable, efficient solution equipped to meet the demanding needs of modern data centers, delivering enhanced equipment protection, cooling, and compatibility – pivotal attributes contributing to the smoother operation of IT systems.

HPE 42U 600×1200 Ent G2 Shock Rack

Discover the High-Performance P9K40A HPE Shock Rack

The P9K40A – HPE 42U 600×1200 Ent G2 Shock Rack is designed for optimal performance and versatility, providing a robust solution for securing your critical servers and networking equipment. Northland Systems reinforces this offering with a full spectrum of customer-centric benefits.

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  • Make an environmentally responsible choice, reducing e-waste
  • Secure access to legacy parts supporting long-term stability

When selecting Servers > Server Accessories > HPE Server Accessories, or HPE Server Other Accessories, choosing Northland Systems means investing in quality, affordability, and unparalleled customer support. Opt for the P9K40A – HPE 42U 600×1200 Ent G2 Shock Rack and harness the benefits of working with an industry leader.

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HPE 42U 600x1200 G2 Enterprise Shock Rack image - durable, robust, and secure server storage

P9K40A – HPE 42U 600×1200 Ent G2 Shock Rack

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