Inspur SR – Inspur Rack Scale Server System

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Inspur SR4200 Rack, support 32 or any blade less than 32

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Inspur SR is used for mass data storage and processing, suitable for the distributed storage of cloud resource pools and the big data processing such as Hadoop cluster and other applications.

Quick Spec

Table 1 shows the quick spec.


SR4200 Rack

Rack Dimension

Depth 1200mm, Width 600mm,Height 2100mm (42U)

Blade Quantity

Support 32 or any blade less than 32

Internet Switch Module

Support three 1U rack GB or 10GB switches

Power Module

Power module is located in the middle of the rack, 5+5 redundant power supply, each power 2500W is equipped with two 63A/220V or 32A/220V industrial connectors.

The power supply supports 240V DC supply directly.

Thermal Module

The thermal module is located at the rear of the rack, fully equipped with 27 fans, divided into 9 groups.

There is one fan frame for each group, corresponding to the thermal dissipation of front 4 blades.

The dimensions of each fan are 140mm*38mm, fan and fan frame support hot swap free of tools.

Front inlet, rear outlet

Management Module

The middle of the rack is integrated RMC concentrated management module

Support the status monitoring of power supply, fan and blade, log record, fault alarm, asset management of blade.

Product Details

Inspur SR provides these features:

· More reliable and efficient for complete separation of function modules and support modules

– Thanks to centralized power supply through one redundant power supply, and the technology for dynamic adjustment of power supply load, Smart Rack achieves the power supply conversion efficiency as high as over 94%, the centralized cooling through fan walls on rack back, and the power consumption of more than 10% less than that of an ordinary rack-mounted server.

– N+N redundant power supply module and N+1 redundancy fan module significantly enhance system reliability and fully guarantee reliable system operating.

· Flexible architecture allows organic coexistence of network, computing and storage

– Flexibly supporting semi-width computing node, full-width storage node and others, and being compatible to standard rack-mounted network switch, it integrates the functions of network, computing and storage, meeting configuration demands of different users.

· Easy maintenance, no cumbersome disassembly and assembly

– Unique node maintenance design, tool-free hot-plugging design for modules, and optimized cable wiring design, significantly reduce system operation and maintenance difficulty.

· Easily realizing the centralized unified portal management and the automatic business deployment

– Realizing overall management of function modules and support modules of complete rack by the management center, it can dynamically adjust running parameters according to status information, guarantee more stable business operating, save energy, and achieve automatic batch deployment of applications through Inspur software.

– SR is a high-density rack-mounted server developed based on the In-Cloud strategy of Inspur. Based on the design principle of low power dissipation and easy management, and the innovative design concept of modular design, centralized cooling, centralized power supply, centralized management and others, the server boasts advantages of low power dissipation, high reliability, easy maintenance, and flexible expansion.

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