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IEM-3000-8TM= – Cisco IE Switch Modules & Cards

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Investing in Cisco’s IEM-3000-8TM= Expansion Module is a strategic decision that ensures network scalability and reliability. Designed to integrate with Cisco IE 3000 series switches seamlessly, it offers eight additional Fast Ethernet ports, expanding the network’s reach and capacity in industrial environments. Along with the expansion, the module inherits IE 3000’s robust security features, thanks to Cisco’s IOS, providing peace of mind with secure operations.

Integration with existing setups is made easy with tools such as the Cisco Network Assistant, simplifying management tasks and freeing up valuable time for other critical projects. The rugged design ensures that the module operates reliably even in harsh conditions, making it an ideal choice for industries such as manufacturing, energy, and transportation, where network downtime can have significant financial and operational repercussions.

Furthermore, the module helps future-proof the network infrastructure, allowing for connectivity to a wider range of devices and facilitating seamless updates without the need for an entire system overhaul. This cost-effective solution not only extends the life of the current infrastructure but also offers a path towards adopting new technologies and standards as they emerge.

By opting for the Cisco IEM-3000-8TM=, businesses benefit from Cisco’s industry-leading support and warranty, providing an extra layer of assurance that the network backbone is supported by reliable and responsive services. From enhancing performance to offering a scalable solution designed to meet both current and future demands, the Cisco IEM-3000-8TM= is a smart investment that delivers both immediate and long-term benefits to any industrial network.

Cisco IE 3000 Expansion Module, 8 10/100

Ordering Guide

  [PDF] Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches Ordering Guide

  [PDF] Simple Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches (IE 4000, IE 2000 included) Selection Guides

Affordability Meets Quality at Northland Systems

If you’re in the market for a Cisco IE Switch Modules & Cards, the IEM-3000-8TM= should top your list, especially when it comes from Northland Systems. Expect industry-leading quality at wholesale prices. Their low price guarantee assures you’re getting the best deal without sacrificing product integrity.

Unmatched Expert Support at No Extra Cost

Acquiring a Cisco IE Switch Modules & Cards comes with free CCIE technical support from Northland Systems. Benefit from their vast expertise without worrying about hidden fees, whether you need guidance during setup or troubleshooting down the line.

Secure and Convenient Shopping Experience

Shop with confidence for your Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards. Northland Systems ensures a safe, hassle-free purchase process, with secure payment options and flexible shipping backed by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured certifications.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Optimum Condition

All Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards, including the IEM-3000-8TM=, are authentic and verified. Whether new or refurbished, products undergo rigorous testing by certified Cisco engineers, guaranteeing reliability and performance.

Shop with Confidence

The 100% Money Back Guarantee underscores Northland Systems’ commitment to customer satisfaction. When investing in Cisco Modules & Cards, peace of mind comes standard, knowing your purchase is risk-free.

Discounts Rooted in Industry Prowess

Northland Systems has been a reliable supplier of Networking Accessories since 1997. Their substantial discounts are just one way they reward customers for their continued patronage, blending cost efficiency with extensive experience.

The Smart Choice: Pre-owned Hardware

Opt for pre-owned Cisco IE Switch Modules & Cards and enjoy immediate cost savings, swift delivery, full warranty, and environmental friendliness. Access to legacy parts through Northland ensures your systems run smoothly for years to come.

Why IEM-3000-8TM= is the Optimal Pick

Northland Systems offers an unmatched combination of affordability, quality, secure shopping, and expert support. Their selection of Cisco IE Switch Modules & Cards caters to both current and legacy networking infrastructure needs. Choosing the IEM-3000-8TM= from Northland is more than a wise investment—it’s a step towards future-proofing your network with a trusted partner.

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Cisco IEM-3000-8TM= expansion module, 8 Ethernet ports for industrial networks, Cisco IE switch accessory.

IEM-3000-8TM= – Cisco IE Switch Modules & Cards

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