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FC-10-00281-112-02-DD – Fortinet Next general Firewalls -Middle range-200D Series


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Investing in the Fortinet FortiGate-280D-POE offers businesses a robust security solution designed to meet the needs of medium-sized organizations. At the heart of this device is the FortiGuard Web Filtering Service that provides essential controls to monitor and block malicious online content, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches.

Unlike traditional firewalls that only provide basic protection, the FortiGate-280D-POE combines next-generation firewall capabilities with POE convenience, simplifying the deployment of devices such as IP cameras or wireless access points without the need for additional power supplies. The device ensures secure communications across the network by applying deep packet inspection, advanced threat intelligence, and intrusion prevention systems.

The high-performance hardware of the FG-280D-POE offers low latency and throughput, not compromising network speed for security. Energy-efficient and easy to manage, Fortinet’s solution includes centralized management software, making it more straightforward for IT teams to configure, monitor, and update policies across all connected devices. This scalability is crucial for growing businesses that need to adapt their security infrastructure to an expanding network landscape without incurring significant additional costs or complexity.

Moreover, by choosing Fortinet, businesses benefit from ongoing updates and innovations in cybersecurity, thanks to Fortinet’s commitment to research and development in the security space. The FortiGate-280D-POE firewall is equipped with industry-validated security effectiveness and provides comprehensive visibility into network activity, which is key to maintaining a strong security posture.

Investing in this firewall not only protects the organization’s assets and data from cyber threats but also ensures compliance with industry regulations, an increasingly critical aspect in today’s digital world. In summary, the Fortinet FortiGate-280D-POE embodies a blend of performance, security, and control that is essential for businesses looking to fortify their networks and protect themselves against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. FortiGate-280D-POE, FortiGuard Web Filtering Service

Fortinet Next-Generation Firewalls – FortiGate 200D Series

Top-Quality Firewalls at Unbeatable Prices

Investing in the Fortinet FortiGate 200D Series firewall via Northland Systems means securing your network without breaking the bank. The FC-10-00281-112-02-DD provides a high-performing security barrier at wholesale prices, backed by a 100% Low Price Guarantee. This ensures that you’re getting top-tier technology in the most cost-effective manner.

Complimentary Expert CCIE Support

Northland Systems distinguishes itself with free, expert CCIE technical support, enriching your experience. Our clients don’t just buy a product; they gain an ally in network strategy. This expert guidance comes without additional expenses, and across multiple channels for convenience and ease of use.

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We prioritize your peace of mind during transactions. With certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, we ensure the safety of your purchase, along with offering flexible shipment options to match your urgency and requirements.

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Rest assured, all Fortinet Firewalls—including the FortiGate 200D Series—are guaranteed to be original and genuine. These units come in New Sealed or Used / Refurbished condition, thoroughly tested to meet stringent reliability standards. Northland Systems certifies every product’s authenticity and functional condition.

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Your satisfaction is paramount, which is why we provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Northland Systems’ aim is to instill utmost confidence and certainty in every transaction, reinforcing the security of your investment with us.

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Since 1997, Northland Systems has maintained a significant presence in the networking sphere. Our long-standing reputation is complemented by substantial discounts, adding layers of economic value to your purchase, and not just a point of service.

Why Choose Pre-owned Hardware?

Selecting pre-owned hardware for your Firewalls > Fortinet Firewalls comes with a host of advantages. Significant cost savings, faster delivery, comprehensive warranty coverage, and contributing to environmental sustainability are just the beginning. Additionally, with pre-owned equipment, you have access to legacy parts ensuring compatibility and continued operation for setups reliant on specific models no longer in production.

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Fortinet FortiGate-280D-POE firewall with Web Filtering Service

FC-10-00281-112-02-DD – Fortinet Next general Firewalls -Middle range-200D Series

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