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DWDM-SFP-4453 DWDM SFP 1544.53 nm SFP (100 GHz ITU grid)


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The DWDM-SFP-4453 transceiver is essential for expanding network bandwidth without laying new fiber. By utilizing the 100 GHz ITU grid spacing, it effortlessly integrates into existing DWDM systems, enabling multiplexing of multiple wavelengths onto a single fiber. This benefits organizations with dense data traffic requiring reliable, high-through apps. The 1544.53 nm wavelength ensures less signal attenuation compared to other wavelengths, which translates to greater transmission distances and reduced need for signal amplification.

Using the DWDM-SFP-4453 can lead to significant cost savings, as upgrading the network’s capacity through this SFP is much cheaper than infrastructure overhauls. This transceiver adheres to strict industry standards, guaranteeing compatibility and performance with various DWDM networking equipment, providing flexibility in terms of network expansion and maintenance.

Equipped with a hot-swappable interface, the DWDM-SFP-4453 module allows for minimal downtime during installation or when upgrading your network. It also performs well in a broad range of temperatures, ensuring reliability in different operating environments.

To maintain a competitive edge, high-speed data transmission is critical. Networks utilizing the DWDM-SFP-4453 can handle the increasing demands for bandwidth-intensive applications like video conferencing, cloud computing, and online gaming. In terms of ROI, faster data speeds improve productivity, user experience, and ultimately boost a company’s profitability.

Investing in the DWDM-SFP-4453 from Nortland Systems is a smart move to future-proof your network. Its compatibility, efficiency, and ability to deliver high-speed data over vast distances make it an indispensable tool for network administrators looking to maintain an edge in today’s fast-paced digital world. DWDM SFP 1544.53 nm SFP (100 GHz ITU grid)

Affordable Quality with Northland Systems

When investing in network equipment, specifically the DWDM-SFP-4453 DWDM SFP 1544.53 nm SFP (100 GHz ITU grid), Northland Systems stands out. High-quality products meet affordability, ensuring enterprises benefit from top-notch network performance without breaking the bank. Northland’s 100% Low Price Guarantee is a testament to their competitive pricing matched with uncompromised quality.

Access to Free Expert Technical Support

Northland Systems elevates the customer experience by offering free expert CCIE technical support. In the complex world of DWDM technology, this free guidance is invaluable, ensuring that the DWDM-SFP-4453 is not only priced right but supported by top-tier expertise.

Secure Payment and Flexible Shipping

Customers can proceed with transactions confidently due to the secure payment gateways and flexible shipment options. With certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, Northland Systems shows its commitment to a safe and customer-friendly purchasing process.

Authenticity and Condition Guaranteed

Every product, including the DWDM-SFP-4453, is guaranteed to be original and genuine, offered in both “New Sealed” and “Used / Refurbished” condition. Certified Cisco engineers rigorously test each item to ensure reliability, providing peace of mind to customers regarding their investment.

Customer Confidence

The 100% Money Back Guarantee underlines Northland Systems’ promise of satisfactory customer experiences. This guarantee assures purchasers of the DWDM-SFP-4453 module that their trust is well-placed and their investments are protected.

Proven Reputation and Additional Discounts

Northland Systems’ industry presence since 1997 combined with substantial discounts underscores their reliability and commitment to offering economical solutions. This long-term reputation assures customers that their networking needs are in experienced hands.

Benefits of Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware such as the DWDM-SFP-4453 comes with several advantages. It provides substantial cost savings, quicker delivery, full warranty, promotes environmental sustainability, and ensures availability of legacy parts, thus supporting long-term network stability.

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DWDM-SFP-4453 DWDM SFP 1544.53 nm SFP (100 GHz ITU grid)

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