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DWDM-SFP-3819 DWDM SFP 1538.19 nm SFP (100 GHz ITU grid)


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The Brand DWDM-SFP-3819 is essential for networks demanding high bandwidth and scalability. This transceiver operates on a 100 GHz spacing DWDM grid at 1538.19 nm, fitting seamlessly into existing infrastructures, which minimizes upgrade costs. It’s compatible with various SFP-enabled devices, ensuring broad applicability and ease of deployment. The pluggable format simplifies installation and maintenance, reducing network downtime.

Offering a high-speed data transfer rate, the DWDM-SFP-3819 is ideal for telecommunications and data center networks where performance and reliability are non-negotiable. Its compliance with ITU standards ensures interoperability and performance consistency across different networking equipment, promoting a diverse and multi-vendor environment.

By utilizing the DWDM-SFP-3819 transceiver, network operators can maximize fiber usage, which significantly increases the existing infrastructure’s capacity without laying more fiber. This leads to a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and a stronger return on investment (ROI).

Furthermore, the device features excellent thermal performance, ensuring reliability even in environments with challenging thermal conditions. Advanced diagnostic monitoring capabilities are also embedded, giving network administrators real-time visibility into the health and performance of their optical links.

In fast-evolving network environments, the DWDM-SFP-3819 offers a versatile solution to accommodate growth without expensive and widespread changes to core network structures. Whether you’re looking to expand a metropolitan area network (MAN), increase backbone network capacity, or enhance enterprise connectivity, this SFP is an effective choice for superior network performance. DWDM SFP 1538.19 nm SFP (100 GHz ITU grid)

DWDM-SFP-3819: High-Quality, Cost-Effective Optical Solution

For network professionals seeking a DWDM SFP 1538.19 nm SFP on a 100 GHz ITU grid, Northland Systems presents an exceptional blend of quality and value. The DWDM-SFP-3819 ensures seamless compatibility and performance, backed by Northland’s commitment to affordability without skimping on quality. Each module is subject to rigorous testing to ensure reliability, falling in line with Northland’s 100% Low Price Guarantee.

Unparalleled Free Expert Support

The acquisition of the DWDM-SFP-3819 from Northland Systems comes with the additional benefit of free expert CCIE technical support. Customers can receive guidance through an array of channels, fostering a user experience that extends beyond the initial purchase. This service, offered at no additional charge, signifies a significant saving while optimizing network performance.

Secure Shopping and Flexible Shipping

Safety and convenience are paramount in Northland’s customer transactions. Payments are protected, and shipping options are designed to cater to various needs. With credentials such as McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, every transaction is not only flexible but also boasts high-security standards.

Authenticity and Condition Guaranteed

Northland Systems ensures every DWDM-SFP-3819 is genuine, with availability in both “New Sealed” and “Used / Refurbished” conditions. Cisco-certified engineers thoroughly test each product, guaranteeing its authenticity and reliability.

Building Customer Confidence with a Money-Back Promise

To bolster consumer trust, Northland Systems offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This assurance is indicative of their confidence in the DWDM-SFP-3819’s performance and the company’s customer-first approach.

The Northland Systems Edge

With its roots traced back to 1997, Northland Systems maintains a respected position in the industry, substantiated by significant discounts that underscore the company’s commitment to economic efficiency. Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards is an example of the breadth of Northland’s inventory, ensuring a robust selection for network infrastructure needs.

Choosing Pre-Owned Hardware: A Strategic Move

Opting for pre-owned hardware like the DWDM-SFP-3819 can yield substantial cost savings while still delivering quality performance. Northland Systems ensures fast delivery, provides a full warranty, and supports environmental sustainability. Customers can also benefit from access to legacy parts, essential for long-term network stability, within the Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards > Cisco Optics Modules > Cisco SFP GLC Module and related ranges.

In summary, the DWDM-SFP-3819 from Northland Systems is a wise investment for professionals looking to enhance their network with a product that offers both high performance and cost-effectiveness. With the added layers of expert support, secure transactions, and the peace of mind provided by guarantees on quality and authenticity, Northland stands out as a preferred provider in the field of Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards.

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DWDM-SFP-3582 transceiver module - 1535.82 nm, 100 GHz ITU grid, Nortland Systems

DWDM-SFP-3819 DWDM SFP 1538.19 nm SFP (100 GHz ITU grid)

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