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C8R38A – Storage Networking for HPE Server


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Opting for the HPE StoreFabric SN1100E 16Gb Single Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter offers numerous advantages for high-performance storage networking. It’s tailor-made for HPE servers, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal functionality. Integrating this HBA can significantly elevate a data center’s operation by providing a robust 16Gb Fibre Channel interface, lubricating the data flow pipeline for applications reliant on high-speed storage communication.

This adapter stands out for its ability to usher in futuristic storage networking capabilities. The 16Gb/s fibre channel dramatically accelerates data transfers, accommodating a data-heavy landscape and enabling faster access to critical information. With its low-latency performance, it’s an excellent fit for environments such as transactional databases, where speed is paramount.

Virtualization is another arena where the SN1100E excels. It supports advanced virtualization features, offering dynamic resource allocation that improves server efficiency and flexibility, crucial for achieving high utilization rates while maintaining segregated workloads.

In terms of reliability, the HPE StoreFabric SN1100E is a stalwart component designed with robustness in mind, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum uptime – a necessity for mission-critical systems. Its integrated diagnostics and management tools equip IT administrators with the means to preempt potential issues, ensuring that storage networks remain operational and productive.

Investing in the HPE StoreFabric SN1100E also bears the advantage of future-proofing your infrastructure. With storage demands surging, this adapter ensures that your architecture can handle escalating workloads while remaining robust and efficient.

Furthermore, for IT staff, the HBA’s ease of integration and maintenance streamlines laborious tasks, freeing resources to focus on strategic initiatives rather than mundane upkeep. Adding HPE’s reputation for support and service solidifies choosing the SN1100E as a sound investment for high-caliber storage networking.

HPE StoreFabric SN1100E 16Gb Single Port Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

Unmatched Quality and Affordability with C8R38A – Storage Networking

The C8R38A enhances HPE Server functionality by offering advanced storage networking capabilities, essential for businesses looking to amplify their data center’s performance. Northland Systems ensures this high-caliber product is accessible at wholesale prices, backed by a steadfast 100% Low Price Guarantee. The blend of affordability and impeccable quality represents Northland’s dedication to delivering stellar value.

Complimentary Expertise with Every Purchase

Purchasing the C8R38A from Northland Systems comes with the bonus of free expert CCIE technical support. This invaluable addition spans across various communication channels, providing professional, no-cost assistance that can help optimize storage networking solutions for your HPE Server.

Safe and Convenient Shopping Experience

Northland Systems assures a worry-free transaction process, featuring secure payment options and flexible shipment methods that conform to your needs. Transactions are safeguarded by esteemed certifications from McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, guaranteeing a seamless and protected shopping experience.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Pristine Condition

Every product, including the C8R38A, is guaranteed to be authentic and genuine, arriving in either brand-new, sealed packaging or in premium used and refurbished condition. Our Cisco-certified engineers meticulously test each item to ensure dependable performance.

Build Confidence with Our Money Back Promise

Northland’s 100% Money Back Guarantee stands as a testament to our confidence in the C8R38A’s quality and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Trust in a risk-free investment that prioritizes your contentment and operational success.

Dependable Service with Attractive Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a trustworthy provider of server accessories, presenting substantial discounts that highlight both our industry expertise and dedication to economical solutions. The C8R38A for HPE Server Accessories is a prime example of our commitment to your financial and technological needs.

The Smart Choice of Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware, like a refurbished C8R38A, comes with multiple benefits, including substantial cost reductions and rapid delivery. Moreover, full warranty coverage, ecological responsibility, and accessibility to legacy components for sustained operational stability are key advantages. The choice is not just smart but sustainable, supporting your business and the environment alike.

Expand Your HPE Server’s Capabilities Today

The C8R38A stands out as an ideal solution for expanding storage networking on HPE Servers. When you buy from Northland Systems, you invest not just in a product but in a partnership that values excellence, cost-efficiency, and unwavering support. Servers > Server Accessories > HPE Server Other Accessories is where you’ll find the C8R38A—a critical component for your server infrastructure.

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HPE StoreFabric SN1100E Single Port 16Gb FC Host Bus Adapter in HPE server

C8R38A – Storage Networking for HPE Server

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