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C7974AL – HPE Tape Storages


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The HPE LTO-4 Ultrium 1.6TB RW Custom Label Data Cartridge 20 Pack is essential for businesses and IT professionals seeking a reliable, high-capacity backup solution. With a combined storage capacity of 32TB (1.6TB each), these cartridges provide plenty of space for large volumes of data. The rewritable format offers flexibility, allowing the same tape to be used multiple times, which is cost-effective for recurring backups and archiving.

Compatibility with LTO-4 drives ensures a high transfer rate, meaning less time spent on backups and more on productivity. Additionally, custom labeling is invaluable for streamlining data management and quick retrieval in case of data restoration needs. Given the increasing risks of cyber threats, having a secure offline storage method like tape drastically reduces the risk of data loss due to ransomware or other forms of cyber-attacks—a critical consideration in modern data protection strategies.

Moreover, tape storage is known for its longevity, able to store data safely for 30 years or more with proper care, which is significantly longer than typical hard drives or SSDs. This feature is particularly critical for regulatory compliance and long-term archiving requirements.

These HPE tapes are designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as electromagnetic fields, that could otherwise compromise data integrity on disk-based storage systems. By utilizing HPE’s tape storage, enterprises can ensure robust disaster recovery plans are in place.

Investing in HPE’s LTO-4 Ultrium tapes is a smart move for safeguarding business continuity. These tapes, with their high capacity, reliability, and security features, offer a strong defense against data loss and enable organizations to meet strict data retention policies. The convenience of custom labels and the economic benefits of a rewritable medium make this 20-pack an excellent choice for both large and small-scale operations. HPE LTO-4 Ultrium 1.6TB RW Custom Label Data Cartridge 20 Pack

HPE C7974AL Tape Storage Advantages at Northland Systems

Unmatched Blend of Affordability and Quality

When investing in HPE Tape Storages, particularly the C7974AL, cost and quality are paramount. Northland Systems ensures these are not mutually exclusive, offering an unparalleled balance of high-quality HPE products at wholesale prices. Their 100% Low Price Guarantee affirms that affordability does not compromise product excellence, aligning with the most stringent budget requirements while delivering superior tape storage solutions.

Complimentary Expert Support

Alongside financial benefits, Northland Systems enriches your purchase with free expert CCIE technical support. This invaluable resource spans various communication channels, ensuring you receive professional guidance tailored to your unique setup or troubleshooting needs, enhancing the overall value of your HPE tape storage investment without incurring additional service fees.

Secured and Convenient Purchasing Experience

Your transaction security is a top priority. With secure payment options and flexible shipping, bolstered by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured certifications, Northland Systems makes purchasing HPE Storages effortless and safe. This level of transactional integrity provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the strategic aspects of your data storage requirements.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Impeccable Condition

Every product, the HPE C7974AL tape included, is guaranteed for its authenticity and condition. Whether opting for ‘New Sealed’ or ‘Used / Refurbished’ items, each piece undergoes rigorous testing by Cisco-certified engineers. This ensures reliability and performance continuity, which is critical for data protection and archival stability.

Confidence with 100% Money Back Guarantee

Trust is a cornerstone at Northland Systems, further solidified by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This pledge instills confidence in the longevity and dependability of any HPE Tape Storages purchased, underpinning a risk-free procurement process.

Solid Reputation and Substantial Savings

With roots in the industry dating back to 1997, Northland Systems couples an enduring reputation with substantial discounts on HPE Storages. This combination spotlights their dedication to delivering cost-effectiveness without undermining service quality, establishing them as a leading provider for both contemporary and enduring storage solutions.

Why Choose Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware, such as the C7974AL tape storage, comes with a multitude of advantages that extend beyond monetary savings. Quick delivery, full warranty, sustaining environmental resources, and maintaining access to legacy parts are all intrinsic benefits. These ensure the longevity and stability of your technological infrastructure, particularly when new iterations of hardware may not offer significant advances or compatibility with established systems.

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C7974AL – HPE Tape Storages

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