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Choosing the Cisco ATA 187 Analog Telephone Adaptor is a strategic business decision. It enables a seamless transition from traditional telephony to VoIP, thereby safeguarding a company’s existing telephone investment while unlocking the advanced features of IP telephony. The dual voice ports offer the versatility for multiple lines, each with a dedicated number—ideal for businesses looking to maintain separate lines for different departments or services.

The inclusion of a high-speed RJ-45 Ethernet port ensures that the adaptor is easily integrated into a variety of network environments, including existing LANs or through broadband applications such as DSL and cable modem interfaces. The ATA 187 scales effortlessly with your network growth due to its compatibility with a vast range of networking architectures.

Moreover, it opens doors to a host of new IP-based applications that can revolutionize the way businesses communicate, offering potential for enhanced collaborative tools, unified communications, and cost savings on long-distance and international calls. For service providers, it’s a simple means to offer value-added services like second-line extensions or features such as call forwarding and voicemail to analog phone users.

In terms of maintenance and setup, the Cisco ATA 187 stands out for its ease of installation and widespread compatibility with VoIP protocols. Businesses can quickly convert their existing infrastructure without the need for extensive technical expertise or downtime, a critical factor for continuous operations.

Lastly, because the Cisco ATA 187 is a product of a reputable manufacturer with a strong track record in network technologies, purchasers benefit from reliable performance and exceptional support—factors that not only contribute to a smoother operation but also to the longevity and reliability of the VoIP communication systems it serves.

The Cisco ATA 187 Analog Telephone Adaptor is a handset-to-Ethernet adaptor that turns traditional telephone devices into IP devices. Customers can take advantage of the many new and exciting IP telephony applications by connecting their analog devices to Cisco ATAs. The Cisco ATA products are standards-based communication devices that deliver true, next-generation voice-over-IP (VoIP) terminations to businesses and residences worldwide.

• Protects existing telephone investment: The Cisco ATA 187 supports two voice ports, each with its own independent telephone number, and a single RJ-45 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet port. This adaptor can make use of existing Ethernet LANs in addition to broadband pipes such as DSL, fixed wireless, and cable modem deployments.

• Cost effective: The Cisco ATA 187 helps customers turn their analog phone devices into IP devices cost effectively and is the preferred solution to address the needs of customers who connect to enterprise networks, small-office environments, or the emerging VoIP managed voice services and local services market. Enterprise customers are using the Cisco ATA 187 to connect analog phones and fax machines to their VoIP network. Service providers are taking advantage of emerging telephony applications and the ease of deploying second-line services using the Cisco ATA 187

Affordability Meets Quality: ATA187-I1-A at Northland Systems

Opting for Northland Systems when purchasing the ATA187-I1-A equates to securing high-quality Cisco Unified Communications equipment at wholesale prices. With their 100% Low Price Guarantee, there’s an assurance of getting the most cost-effective deals in the market without a compromise on quality or functionality.

Complimentary Expert Support

Navigating through the complexities of Cisco IP Phone Accessories can be seamless with Northland Systems. Customers gain invaluable insights and assistance through free expert CCIE technical support, making the setup and troubleshooting processes as straightforward as possible.

Secure and Convenient Shopping Experience

Northland Systems understands the importance of secure transactions. They create a safe shopping environment with certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, alongside flexible shipping options, ensuring that your purchase is both convenient and protected.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Prime Condition

Authenticity is at the core of Northland’s offerings. The ATA187-I1-A devices are genuine, vetted by Cisco-certified engineers, and available in either “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” conditions. This commitment extends to full testing for steadfast reliability.

Building Customer Confidence

With the 100% Money Back Guarantee, customer apprehensions are addressed head-on, imbuing confidence in the investment and reinforcing the credibility of each transaction made with Northland Systems.

Renowned Reputation and Exclusive Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has built a reputation anchored in reliability and customer satisfaction. Their deep-rooted presence is complemented by substantial discounts, providing economic efficiency alongside proven industry standing.

Embracing the Perks of Pre-owned Hardware

There are distinct advantages to investing in pre-owned hardware like the ATA187-I1-A. Cost savings are evident, but there are additional perks such as faster delivery, environmental sustainability through reduced e-waste, and extended lifetimes of legacy systems via access to otherwise obsolete parts.

In the realm of Unified Communications, particularly within the context of Cisco Unified Communications, ensuring that the accompanying Cisco IP Phones VOIP and accessories like the ATA187-I1-A meet both operational and budgetary requirements is a mission that Northland Systems fulfills with unwavering commitment.

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