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ASR1002F-VPN/K9 Cisco ASR 1000 Router


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The Cisco ASR1002F-VPN/K9 router is a compelling investment for businesses prioritizing secure, scalable, and high-speed network infrastructure. This router is part of the acclaimed Cisco ASR 1000 series, renowned for its ability to deliver a seamless networking experience that supports the demanding needs of enterprises and service providers alike. It features a powerful Embedded Services Processor (ESP) that can handle up to 2.5Gbps bandwidth, making it ideal for handling high volumes of traffic efficiently.

With the inclusion of 4GB DRAM and 8GB flash memory, this router presents ample storage and processing power to run complex network applications without lag. The ASR1002F-VPN/K9 excels in virtual private network (VPN) connectivity, offering support for a wide range of VPN technologies including DMVPN, FlexVPN, and GETVPN. These versatile VPN options enable secure communication across the Internet, maintaining data integrity and confidentiality for sensitive communications.

The router’s compact form factor and efficient power usage are other benefits that reduce overall operating costs and save valuable rack space. Additionally, it is designed with reliability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimized downtime, thanks to its robust build quality and Cisco’s proven track record in networking technology.

Purchasing the Cisco ASR1002F-VPN/K9 means investing in a network’s future-readiness with a device that can adapt to the changing needs and growth of a business. The router offers ease of management through the Cisco IOS Software, simplifying the configuration and monitoring of network traffic, which in turn enhances the efficiency of network administrators.

Moreover, the router’s interoperability with other Cisco products and third-party devices ensures a favorable degree of flexibility, allowing for a more integrated and comprehensive network solution. Upgrading to the ASR1002F-VPN/K9 is an assurance of robust security, unmatched performance, and forward compatibility, key attributes of a resilient and future-proof network.
Cisco ASR 1000 Router VPN Bundle ASR1002F-VPN/K9

Affordable Quality with the ASR1002F-VPN/K9 Cisco ASR 1000 Router

Purchasing the ASR1002F-VPN/K9 Cisco ASR 1000 Router from Northland Systems gives you access to top-tier network equipment at wholesale prices, backed by a 100% Low Price Guarantee. This combination ensures you do not sacrifice quality for affordability.

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Choosing Northland Systems means benefiting from free expert CCIE technical support, providing invaluable guidance at no additional cost. Customers gain a more informed, efficient setup and maintenance experience for their Cisco ASR 1000 Routers.

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Transactions are safeguarded with certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Flexible shipping options cater to diverse customer needs, adding convenience and reliability to every purchase.

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All products, including the ASR1002F-VPN/K9, are guaranteed to be genuine Cisco merchandise. Whether “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished,” each unit is meticulously tested by Cisco-certified engineers for optimal reliability.

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Our 100% Money Back Guarantee exemplifies our commitment to customer satisfaction. This policy underlines the trust that customers are encouraged to place in our products and services.

Leveraging Reputation and Discounts

With a robust track record since 1997, Northland Systems offers substantial discounts, showcasing our edge in reliability and financial efficiency. When it comes to Routers > WAN Aggregation and Internet Edge Routers, our reputation precedes us.

Advantages of Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware like Cisco ASR 1000 Routers comes with a suite of benefits. These include substantial cost savings, quicker delivery, full warranty coverage, a commitment to environmental sustainability, and the availability of legacy parts that ensure operational continuity.

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Cisco ASR1002F-VPN/K9 router front view with ports - High-performance VPN networking equipment.

ASR1002F-VPN/K9 Cisco ASR 1000 Router

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