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835563-B21 – Drives and Storage for HPE Server


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The 835563-B21 is a crucial investment for IT infrastructures requiring economical, yet high-performing storage solutions. Built as a Read Intensive M.2 drive, it meets the needs of applications with heavy read operations, such as database queries and web-based transactions, ensuring that the server can handle large volumes of data retrieval without sacrificing speed.

With SATA 6G compatibility, the HPE 340GB drive offers high throughput, making it suitable for businesses that demand quick data access times. This drive caters to enterprise environments where space and power efficiency are key. Its M.2 form factor means it takes up minimal space in a server chassis, allowing for more drives and hence more storage capacity in the same server footprint.

Investing in an HPE branded storage option ensures compatibility with HPE servers, reducing potential issues that could arise from using third-party components. Plus, with the security of a 3-year warranty, IT departments can rely on sustained performance with reduced risk of early failure.

Optimizing server uptime is vital for modern enterprises, and downtime can significantly impact productivity and cost. The 835563-B21 is engineered to withstand the rigors of 24/7 operation, particularly in read-intensive scenarios, which are less wearing on storage compared to write operations. This longevity translates to fewer replacements, maintenance sessions, and associated costs over the life of the server.

Enterprises looking to future-proof their servers will find the HPE 340GB SATA 6G RI M.2 Kit an excellent addition, scaling with evolving storage demands while ensuring that data flows remain unimpeded by hardware constraints. In summary, by choosing the 835563-B21, businesses are assured a balanced blend of performance, endurance, and cost-effectiveness, factors that are paramount when optimizing server functions for long-term productivity. HPE 340GB SATA 6G Read Intensive 3yr Warranty M.2 Kit S-ERVER

Affordability Meets Quality with 835563-B21

Purchasing 835563-B21 drives and storage for HPE Servers from Northland Systems means stepping into a world where the price-performance balance is masterfully maintained. They deliver high-quality products while maintaining wholesale price points, supported by their 100% Low Price Guarantee. This strategic blend ensures that investing in server technology doesn’t mean breaking the bank.

Complimentary Expert Support

Northland Systems goes beyond the sale by providing free expert CCIE technical support. Clients have access to top-tier guidance across multiple channels, enhancing the acquisition and integration of the 835563-B21 without incurring additional costs for expertise.

Transaction Security and Flexibility

Customers enjoy peace of mind with Northland Systems’ secure and flexible purchasing options. Transactions are safeguarded by certifications from McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, while shipment options are adaptable to meet diverse logistical needs.

Guaranteed Product Authenticity and Condition

Navigating the authenticity of server accessories doesn’t have to be complex. With Northland Systems, clients receive original and genuine 835563-B21 products, ensuring optimal performance. Each item, whether brand new or refurbished, undergoes rigorous testing by Cisco-certified engineers for unmatched reliability.

Building Customer Confidence

Building a relationship of trust with customers, Northland Systems provides a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This underscores their commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in the 835563-B21 product lineup.

Reputation and Exclusive Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has maintained a solid presence in the industry. They offer substantial discounts on products like the 835563-B21, recognizing the importance of cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to optimize their server performance.

Benefits of Pre-owned Hardware

Selecting pre-owned hardware such as the 835563-B21 doesn’t just mean cost savings. It encompasses a range of advantages, including expedited delivery, full warranty coverage, environmental sustainability, and ensuring availability of legacy parts for continued system stability. Northland Systems provides a sensible approach to maintaining and upgrading server environments.

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The decision to purchase 835563-B21 from Northland Systems lies in the value proposition of superior service, authentic products, and the extensive support and assurance offered. Their offerings fortify businesses with the necessary tools to thrive in competitive technological landscapes.

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HPE 835563-B21 340GB SATA M.2 Kit Read Intensive Storage Drive for HPE Server

835563-B21 – Drives and Storage for HPE Server

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