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512489-B21 – HPE Server Licenses


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The 512489-B21 HPE iLO Advanced license is an essential investment for IT environments utilizing HPE BladeSystem servers. This package supports 8 servers, simplifying bulk deployment. By allowing administrators to manage servers remotely, the iLO Advanced license reduces the need for physical presence in the data center, saving time and resources. The included 1-year Technical Support and Update service ensures that servers are always running the latest firmware, reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing performance.

Having out-of-band management capabilities is crucial in modern data centers. With virtual KVM and virtual media, administrators can troubleshoot, install, and update servers as if they were physically present in front of them, thus ensuring minimal downtime. The ability to remotely power cycle servers adds an additional layer of operational continuity. Security is also a top consideration, and the iLO Advanced provides robust options for securing server management communication.

Another benefit is iLO Federation, which allows multiple servers to be managed as a group. This feature can automate tasks, deploy settings, and update firmware across multiple servers effortlessly. As data centers grow and expand, the ability to efficiently manage servers at scale becomes invaluable.

Investing in the 512489-B21 iLO Advanced license ensures that IT infrastructure is scalable, secure, and manageable, which, in turn, enhances overall business resilience. The peace of mind that comes with reliable server management and the cost savings from reduced downtime make this HPE license a wise choice for any business looking to optimize their server operations.

HPE iLO Adv BL incl 1yr TSU 8-Svr Lic

Unlock Affordability and Quality with 512489-B21 – HPE Server Licenses

Navigating the landscape of HPE Server Accessories calls for a delicate balance between cost and quality—Northland Systems excels here. The 512489-B21 – HPE Server Licenses embody this balance, delivering industry-standard performance without the hefty price tag. Their 100% Low Price Guarantee affirms their commitment to affordability while maintaining high-quality standards.

Benefit From Free Expert Support

Choosing Northland Systems for your HPE Server Licenses extends beyond value for money. It means direct access to complementary expert technical support. Certified CCIE professionals are on standby, ready to assist through various channels, providing invaluable support without the additional cost.

Experience Secure and Flexible Transactions

With certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, Northland Systems ensures each transaction is fortified with robust security measures. Flexible shipment options cater to your schedule and requirements, presenting a hassle-free shopping experience encompassing safety and convenience.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Premium Condition

Rest assured, the authenticity of Northland System’s products is never in question. Every item, including the 512489-B21 – HPE Server Licenses, is genuine, and conditions range from New Sealed to Used/Refurbished. All undergo testing by Cisco-certified engineers, ensuring dependable reliability.

Increase Customer Confidence with Money Back Guarantee

Customer satisfaction stands at the forefront of Northland’s offerings. The 100% Money Back Guarantee speaks volumes, allowing customers to make purchases with confidence, fortified by the assurance of a hassle-free refund policy should it be necessary.

Capitalize on Reputation and Substantial Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a trusted figure in the industry. This longstanding reputation, combined with substantial discounts, offers clients the reassurance of engaging with an established provider that recognizes the importance of economical efficiency.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware: A Smart Move

The choice to invest in pre-owned hardware, such as HPE Server Licenses, is not merely a cost-saving measure. It is a decision that promises expedited delivery, full warranty coverage, and plays a part in environmental conservation. Moreover, it grants access to legacy parts, essential for the long-term stability of many IT infrastructures. Opting for pre-owned hardware from Northland Systems translates into tangible benefits and conveys a discerning, strategic procurement approach.

Why 512489-B21 – HPE Server Licenses Stand Out

Turning to Northland Systems for your server accessories, specifically the 512489-B21 – HPE Server Licenses, provides a substantial return on investment. A product from the Servers > Server Accessories array ensures not just a cost-effective purchase, but a complete support system augmenting your network infrastructure’s potential, with a partner known for trust and performance.

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512489-B21 – HPE Server Licenses

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