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4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC Cisco 12000 Series Line Card


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Cisco’s 12000 Series Line Card, 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC, is an invaluable asset for any high-speed network, providing service providers and enterprises with a competitive edge. Its four-port OC3/STM1 interfaces enable scalable and flexible ATM service delivery, crucial in today’s data-driven environment. Compatibility with the Cisco 12000 Series ensures reliability and seamless integration into existing infrastructure.

With a default memory of 1x512MB, the 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC line card has ample capacity to handle rigorous network demands, guaranteeing better traffic management and enhanced service quality. Its performance-engineered design enables support for both existing and emerging applications, making this card a future-proof investment. Businesses benefit from improved bandwidth efficiency, reduced latency, and robust network resiliency, essential elements for maintaining continuous service availability and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, Cisco’s reputation for excellence in networking solutions means that you’re investing in quality and innovation. Their line cards are synonymous with longevity and reduced total cost of ownership due to lower maintenance requirements and power consumption. The 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC line card’s support for advanced capabilities and services allows for the delivery of high-value, differentiated services that can generate additional revenue streams.

Choosing the Cisco 12000 Series 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC Line Card means opting for a network backbone capable of supporting a high volume of transactions and data traffic without sacrificing speed or reliability. Whether your business is expanding, adapting to new technologies, or requiring higher thoroughputs, this Cisco line card presents a robust solution to meet and exceed networking demands. Cisco 12000 Line Card 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC 4-port OC3/STM1 Eng 3 ATM – 1x512MB default mem

Unmatched Affordability and Premium Quality

The 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC Cisco 12000 Series Line Card stands out for its superior quality coupled with wholesale pricing. This rare pairing ensures that you receive the best hardware without straining your budget. Northland Systems reinforces this value promise with a steadfast 100% Low Price Guarantee.

Comprehensive Free Expert CCIE Support

Purchasing this line card entitles you to exceptional, cost-free expert technical assistance. Northland Systems extends free CCIE support that is not only multi-channeled but also tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring you understand and utilize your hardware to its fullest potential.

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Experience peace of mind during every transaction with Northland Systems’ secure payment methods and a range of flexible shipping options. Certifications from McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured attest to the safety and reliability of each purchase.

Verifiable Authenticity and Dependable Condition

Every Cisco product, including the Service Provider Edge Routers, adheres to strict standards of authenticity. Northland Systems guarantees that whether you choose new sealed or refurbished options, each device has been rigorously tested for performance and reliability by Cisco-certified engineers.

Bolstered Customer Confidence with Money Back Guarantee

The 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC Cisco 12000 Series Line Card comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, underlining Northland Systems’ confidence in their hardware solutions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Renowned Reputation and Substantial Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has consistently provided quality network equipment, including Cisco 12000 Routers, earning a reputation for reliability. Customers benefit from significant discounts that underscore Northland’s dedication to economical pricing strategies.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware: A Smart Move

Opting for pre-owned network equipment like the Routers > Service Provider Edge Routers entails numerous advantages. Substantial cost savings, swift delivery, full warranty support, and the promotion of environmental sustainability make it a savvy choice. Furthermore, access to legacy components assures long-term network stability and compatibility.

Investing in the 4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC Cisco 12000 Series Line Card through Northland Systems guarantees excellence in both product and service, ensuring you are equipped for success in the most cost-effective, secure, and reliable way possible.

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4OC3X/ATM-IR-SC Cisco 12000 Series Line Card

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