Why is Cisco Technology More Expensive?

The primary reason why Cisco technology is more expensive than other competitor brands is that they are superior products. Cisco products have advanced features which make working with them easy and as such are cost-effective for users. Cisco technology offers a wide range of products most of which are popular models and top choices for users in various industries.

Cisco produces IT equipment across various areas of technology such as Data, Networking, the Internet of things (IoT), and Cisco security. Your business’ optimal network performance is of importance, that is why trusting the advanced technology that Cisco offers will be beneficial.

Irrespective of the fact that the cost of ownership for Cisco products can be of concern, the high-end features and functionalities are worth it. Below are some of the reasons why owning a Cisco product such as the expensive router, can be beneficial:

  • Reliability

Cisco produces equipment with fancy features that are not just reliable but also provide the best services to customers. Some of the products include Cisco core switches and valuable Cisco high-end routers. Aside from providing reliable networking, Cisco also delivers top-notch customer service. There are hundreds of locations across the state where you can diagnose and fix any issue with your Cisco systems.

When you purchase a cisco router, for example, you get a warranty that is backed by Cisco for the end user. Cisco warranty is guaranteed by a standard protocol for the series routers as well as other networking equipment. This gives peace of mind to the average person using a Cisco product because you are covered in case anything goes wrong.

  • Manageability

When your Cisco systems such as the Cisco enterprise switches and routers are better managed, you get the best out of your networking equipment. A field engineer who is knowledgeable about network equipment can easily assess and fix your product if there are any issues. The advanced features of Cisco products are responsible for this ease is manageability.

More so, there is the availability of replacement parts which even a freelance engineer certified by Cisco can use to fix your damaged system. Cisco has a wide range of accessories and parts from the MikroTik cloud router switch to the Cisco high-end router. This gives a guarantee on the availability of diverse technologies and equipment that will make an impact on your business and personal life.

  • Scalability

Cisco products offer much-needed scalability that is good for business activities, especially for small and medium business owners. With Cisco systems, it is easier to add (or remove) network bandwidths and generally improve the capacity of your system. This helps you to meet your demand as a service provider and boost your business relationship.

In essence, IT scalability is as important for your business, just as a business degree. It offers you the flexibility to either downscale or upscale your business. If you are in a period where there is less demand then you can downgrade your network. Similarly, if you are in a period where the demand is more, then you can upgrade your network capacity.

  • Variety

There is a wide variety of products offered by Cisco enterprise, from the Cisco 800 series, and Webex desk series, down to core switches. The variety of products available on the Cisco network makes it easy for everyone to get something they like. Cisco often updates its products and services which enables businesses to develop and improve their overall efficiency.

  • Security

Cisco security architecture is robust such that it protects your systems from cyber attacks. Cybercrime has been on the increase lately, with many businesses suffering unquantifiable losses. When you purchase Cisco equipment, you are sure of adequate internet services without any security breach.

The center VPN router for example encrypts all internet data sent or received over your WIFI which boosts your security and privacy. In addition, firewall and access control features are also found in Cisco equipment all of which make them even more appealing for security purposes.

  • TCO

The total cost of ownership (TCO) for Cisco IT products involves a comprehensive assessment of the actual cost of hardware and software upgrades, maintenance, support, and training. Cisco provides an expert solution in customer service which gives wholesome support to clients who own a Cisco product. The result is a decline in the cost of operation and an emboldened business relationship.