Third Party Maintenance

Get more from your purchase with our NorthSmartIT Third Party Maintenance offering. You can also get Third Party Maintenance for your existing hardware approaching EOS or EOSL.


Extend the useful service life of your servers with the right mix of OEM and third-party maintenance and support.


Our field service and L3 engineers are certified and have advanced level technical support expertise with the ability to resolve highly complex customer issues.


Network uptime is critical to the success of your business. NorthSmartIT averages a two minute response time to a CCIE direct connection.

How Does Third Party Hardware Maintenance Work?

NorthSmartIT listens to you to develop a customized IT hardware maintenance solution based on your unique requirements and the OEM lifecycle status of your IT hardware.

Many of our clients have realized annual maintenance savings of up to 70%

Our approach guarantees you lower OpEx and CapEx with fewer contract constraints.  We deliver response times that meet or exceed the requirements of your business and eliminate daily operational headaches.

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