Why You Should Only Buy Authorized Refurbished Cisco Hardware

It is easy to get carried away with shiny new networking equipment such that you bear the cost no matter how it hurts your savings. While this may be rational, it does not also dispute the fact that buying refurbished cisco hardware provides as much benefit as the new product. Purchasing pre-owned Cisco products doesn’t mean you are compromising on quality, it translates to purchasing a quality product at a considerably lower price than the new one.

We all need quality equipment that we can rely on at all times to satisfy our various business and personal needs. The good news is that we can all get such products with the same level of quality at a cheaper price. Asides from the competitive pricing, there are other reasons why you should buy only authorized refurbished Cisco hardware. Some of those reasons include;

1. Guaranteed Excellent performance

When you purchase refurbished Cisco networking products, you are guaranteed that the product will function optimally as it has been put to use previously. Pre-owned products come with unique specifications and configurations such that the customer is satisfied in all ramifications. Most times, in purchasing pre-owned cisco equipment you even get a better product than if you bought it new.

2. Authentic warranty to back up your purchase

Purchasing used equipment from a Cisco authorized channel partner bestows you with a minimum 90-day warranty. This confers coverage to your network infrastructure ensuring that you have peace of mind at all times.

3. Officially licensed software.

Another reason to buy refurbished Cisco products is that it comes with Cisco smart licensing. These are authentic software licenses that offer you flexibility in activating and managing your software. With this, customers have more control over all software purchases made under the cisco umbrella.

When you deal with a reliable vendor for the purchase of your refurbished equipment you get the full cisco brand protection. A certified team of network equipment providers will be ready to help you select the right product for you. They will help you understand the unique features of the network devices and therein help install the officially licensed software.

4. Reduced counterfeits.

Cisco Refresh plays an important role in reducing counterfeits and providing an overall quality experience to customers. Cisco Refresh products are re-manufactured by Cisco and are a cost-effective way of leveraging Cisco products. This means that you get Cisco-certified quality equipment at a price significantly lower than the original cost of a brand new product.

Due to the high demand for Cisco products and the high incidence of counterfeit hardware, Cisco rolled out the Refresh program. With this plan, legitimate Cisco hardware from the pre-owned market is refurbished and sold to Cisco-certified partners. These quality vendors then sell the refurbished piece of hardware to their clients.

Questions You Should Pay Attention when Buying Cisco Equipment

  • Is the Purchased Cisco equipment direct from the manufacturer?

Before purchasing pre-owned Cisco equipment, you need to ascertain from the 3rd party that it is the original Cisco. The first step is to examine the product label to see if the product is genuine. Counterfeit products generally lack critical security elements on the product pack and these are easy to spot. The printed security board assembly (PCBA) and Module Security labels on Cisco equipment point at their originality.

Generally, purchasing your refurbished Cisco equipment from a reputable vendor who is a Cisco-certified retailer, saves you the stress of scrutinizing each Cisco hardware you purchase. This is because they will offer you a wide range of Cisco network equipment at good prices and also at an optimal state.

  • Is the Cisco equipment you purchased refurbished or second-hand?

A refurbished piece of hardware differs from second-hand equipment in that refurbished items are thoroughly checked and tested for quality and function. Parts that are performing below expectation are repaired or changed. Second-hand equipment on the other hand is sold directly by users without any form of scrutiny. It is therefore important to pay attention to the pre-owned hardware you intend to get before committing with the vendor.

  • Can the Cisco equipment you buy get the original service that you should enjoy?

All pre-owned Cisco products purchased from trusted vendors give you the original services that you will enjoy.

  • Does your agent register your information for the Cisco equipment you purchased?

Cisco requires that your agent registers your information for the equipment you purchased. This is important to have full access to your equipment.

  • Does your agent say that they have Cisco equipment in stock and do not need to order?

You need to be careful at this point if your agent says they have the product you want in stock and do not want you to place an order. Such a product may have problems or may be a second-hand product. Always deal with Cisco-certified vendors.

  • Has the product been discontinued?

If you buy a product that has been discontinued or out of use then you may have been sold a second-hand product that may not be of much use to you. Always check the status of your equipment on Cisco’s official website before making any purchase.

  • Whether the GBIC and SFP module you bought is a genuine Cisco product or is it a fake one?

On average, the price of Cisco GBIC and SFP modules is above 100 dollars while another manufacturer brand is about 10 dollars. The price difference in addition to other factors often separates the genuine from the fake product.

  • You want to buy a genuine IOS or software, but have you got the real genuine product?

Always ensure that the SMARTnet contract for your software is registered and authorized by Cisco. This will enable you to make the best out of your product.