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Return Policy

Before initiating a return, please reach out to our customer support team to describe the issue you are encountering. Often, we can resolve the problem through technical support, eliminating the need for you to return the product.

If your device has an irreparable defect, it may be eligible for repair or replacement under our twelve-month warranty. To proceed, contact our support team who will provide you with a return authorization code, our return address, and detailed instructions to ensure a smooth return process.
Please do not return items without our explicit instructions. Contact us first, and we will guide you through the necessary steps, including the most suitable shipping methods.
We pride ourselves on delivering products in pristine condition to all our customers.

Return Process

  • Submit a Request: Begin by submitting a request for a return or service.
  • Audit: Your request will be audited to verify eligibility.
  • Pack to Us: If approved, securely pack the item and send it back to us.
  • Acceptance Inspection: Upon receipt, we will conduct an acceptance inspection to assess the condition and verify the defect.
  • Refunds: If applicable, a refund may be issued based on the inspection results.
  • Exchanges with a New, RMA, or Used Unit: Depending on stock availability and the nature of the issue, an exchange may be offered.
  • Repairs (within Warranty Period): If the item is repairable and within the warranty period, repairs will be conducted.
  • Pack to You: After repairs or replacement, the item will be securely packed and sent back to you.

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