When it comes to describing used equipment, various vendors use different terminologies such as pre-owned hardware, refurbished, new-in-box, etc. Whichever it is, buying a pre-owned cisco product comes with its perks as well as disadvantages. Various public and private institutions buy a variety of devices and software that serve their technological needs. Some of these include the Cisco UCS manager and other software from cisco limited.

The benefits of buying pre-owned products with cisco embedded support are numerous. Firstly, the list price is only a fraction of that of a new one and it also comes with a full warranty just like the new ones. More so, the products are fully tested and functional. Third-party vendors for these used products guide customers on the right products that will meet their needs.

Below are some of the pros of buying Cisco products;

1. Used Cisco products help you save cash

When you buy used cisco products such as mobile devices or even a piece of networking equipment, you only get it at a small part of the price of a new product. Irrespective of your socioeconomic status, saving money that you can use to either acquire other cisco solution support or just keep it in the event of other exigencies can be helpful.

Buying pre-owned Cisco products does not just save your cash, it expands your network access and options. Cisco systems compete favourably in the world’s technological market and are by far leaders in equipment and networking systems. For example, the cisco smart licensing provides a flexible way to purchase and manage your cisco smart software. Also, it comes with an in-built cisco secure firewall which offers protection and control over your data.

On another note, an authorized refurbished equipment program offers a trade-in scheme where a customer can submit their old equipment of a lesser version for credit towards the purchase of a higher and newer version of networking equipment. This is also a way to maximize cost to positively influence business outcomes.

2. Availability of spare parts

One spectacular advantage of purchasing a used cisco product is the availability of spare parts. Cisco brand has several hardware options that will meet the needs of customers. There is a third-party technical assistance center that makes the repair process easy and can also make prompt shipments to customer locations

With cisco systems, hardware replacement even for scarce parts is easy. Meanwhile, unlike delays experienced with ordering new systems online, you do not experience longer delivery times with pre-owned products. A Cisco technical assistance center is often close by to shorten the supply chain and make services and deliveries easier.

3. Avoiding a complete network upgrade

Network equipment needs to follow a regular policy for upgrades set by an IT team and not by the vendor. The lifecycle of your networking equipment is a key factor in evaluating whether or not you need to maintain it. For example, if your Cisco software meets all business requirements but lacks performance and has no immediate IT needs for replacement/upgrade; then there would be no reason to spend resources on maintaining this device at present.

4. Positive impact on the environment.

Most companies replace their old networking equipment which may still be good when there is an upgrade. By purchasing pre-owned Cisco products you can reduce waste created by the disposal of such quality equipment. You’re contributing your quota to reducing electronic waste caused by networking equipment under the Cisco umbrella.

A great deal of electronic waste is generated every year, and much of it ends up in landfills, this includes various Cisco industrial Routers as well as other devices with Cisco IOS. Purchasing pre-owned network equipment is a great way to help reduce this environmental impact.

5. Keep your Cisco products on a flexible support plan

One unique benefit of purchasing used cisco products is the versatile cisco embedded support plan. This technical support covers your licensed product software sufficiently, enabling your system and business to run smoothly. Interestingly, access to cisco software support service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This service significantly improves when you get your refurbished equipment from a certified third-party vendor.

When you get a referenced third-party product, you are certified to get cisco solution support which is holistically provided and tailored to your unique needs. This service is provided by a third party instead of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and it offers flexible payment solutions. It also creates a platform for a better user experience. Generally, clients can get up to 60% savings off of OEM-Cisco embedded support depending on equipment type, location, and product density.

Drawbacks of Buying Used Cisco Products

Like most things that have advantages, you can well expect there will be disadvantages to purchasing used cisco products, whether it is the Cisco DNA software or other cisco hardware options. Some of the setbacks of purchasing used cisco products include:

1. Limited Warranty and Support on Used Network Equipment.

When you purchase a used Cisco product outside the authorized refurbished equipment program, you stand a chance of not getting any form of warranty on the networking equipment. This is also similar if you purchase from a vendor who does not offer a warranty on the complementary third-party equipment sold. It is, therefore, safer to purchase your equipment from vendors who can easily endorse their products and provide needed support when necessary. Ensure also that the vendor can provide such support to each of their customers irrespective of sexual orientation or racial identity.

Typically, most Third-party network providers give a 90-day warranty on all pre-owned Cisco products such as the Cisco ASA firewalls and the much useful Cisco industrial ethernet. The essence of the warranty support is to ensure that the original end user is well covered for security reasons and has absolute peace of mind using the refurbished equipment.

2. The uncertainty of moving from network OEM to used products.

If you have earlier made purchases directly from network OEMs and you now want to switch to used products, be sure that the concerned OEM will put up a fight to hold you back. This is only logical because they are about to have some negative business outcomes which no business desires. Subsequently, to keep afloat and experience a business transformation, the OEM will go ahead to convince you that a used cisco product has no or limited hardware warranty. This is where the uncertainty begins to set in.

Don’t be swindled! A used Cisco product from a reputable vendor can even be more reliable than new equipment. Used networking equipment comes with a warranty and support such as software updates. Used Cisco equipment has secure access to network and functions just as well as new equipment.

3. Confusing Terminology

When buying Cisco hardware, the cost of ownership alone shouldn’t be of concern. Understanding the terminologies involved in the sale of the product is also important to avoid purchasing a defective product. This is the delicate part of buying Cisco products.

In dealing with Cisco products, the terms “used” and “refurbished” are used sometimes interchangeably. But, there is a difference between a used product and a refurbished product that has been certified pre-owned.

For clarity, when we say “used Cisco product” we are referring to refurbished Cisco equipment that has gone through the process of advanced replacement of defective parts, testing, and certification. Such products possess the same hardware warranty duration typical of Cisco products.