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Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension – Ubiquiti Switch Accessories Series


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Ubiquiti’s 1U Rack Extension is a must-have for network enthusiasts looking to maximize the efficiency of their server space. It provides a durable and reliable solution to mount Ubiquiti Switch Accessories and maintain a clutter-free setup. The solid construction fits seamlessly into any standard 19-inch rack, ensuring a sturdy hold for your Ubiquiti devices, which can range from APs to Bridges.

This accessory not only promotes better airflow around your equipment, helping to maintain optimal operating temperatures and reduce the risk of overheating, but it also allows for superior cable management. With a tidier rack, you’re less likely to encounter cable snags or accidental disconnections, both of which can cause network interruptions.

Additionally, the Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension makes maintenance and upgrades effortless, as all components are easily reachable. When uptime is crucial, the ease of access to your networking hardware becomes significantly important. For businesses or individuals relying on uninterrupted networking, this improvement in accessibility can translate into reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

A well-organized rack also elevates the security of your network. By keeping equipment in a confined and designated space, the 1U Rack Extension can help minimize unauthorized access and physical tampering, an often-overlooked aspect of network security.

Choosing Ubiquiti’s trusted brand for your rack extension also means investing in compatibility and quality. Their solutions are crafted with the customer in mind, ensuring that the addition of this extension to your network will match perfectly with existing Ubiquiti products, streamlining the integration of new and old network devices.

Finally, the aesthetics should not be overlooked. A clean and organized server room or data center is not only more functional — it’s also more professional, impressing clients and technicians alike. The Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension is a subtle yet impactful upgrade to any network infrastructure, signifying a commitment to excellence in your networking environment.

UBNT (Ubiquiti Networks) AP and Bidge accessories

Optimize Your Network with Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension

The Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension is vital for managing and protecting your Ubiquiti switches, ensuring sleek integration into server racks. Northland Systems stands out as the supplier of choice for this essential accessory.

Affordability Meets Quality

At Northland Systems, experience the blend of affordability with uncompromised quality. Each Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension comes at wholesale prices, fortified by a 100% Low Price Guarantee. Customers invest in premium-grade products without the premium price tag.

Complimentary CCIE Expert Support

Free expert CCIE technical support complements your purchase of Ubiquiti Switch Accessories. Northland Systems provides invaluable, cost-free guidance via multiple channels, assisting with setup, troubleshooting, or performance optimization queries.

Transaction Security and Flexibility

Secured shopping is paramount at Northland Systems. Each transaction benefits from the security provided by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Flexible shipment options tailor the delivery service to your timeline and logistical requirements.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Optimal Condition

Guaranteeing authenticity and condition, Northland Systems supplies the Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension in either “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” states. Each unit is rigorously tested by Cisco-certified technicians to ensure reliability.

Building Customer Confidence

The 100% Money Back Guarantee underscores the confidence that customers can hold in Northland Systems. This assurance is a testament to the trustworthiness and quality commitment that Northland provides across all products, including Ubiquiti Enterprise Switches.

Established Reputation and Impressive Discounts

With its inception in 1997, Northland Systems has cemented a reputation for reliability and value. When purchasing Ubiquiti Switch Accessories, customers benefit from substantial discounts, balancing economic efficiency with high performance.

Advantages of Pre-owned Ubiquiti Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware presents multiple advantages. Northland Systems ensures cost savings without compromising functionality. Pre-owned options facilitate quicker delivery, full warranty coverage, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, customers can source legacy parts, vital for the continued operation of established systems, ensuring long-term network stability.

Northland Systems’ unique proposition lies not just in their comprehensive support and steadfast delivery of quality, but also in their deep understanding of how vital these accessories, like Switches > Ubiquiti Switches, are to the backbone of your enterprise network.

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Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension in server rack for switches and AP accessories, networking equipment organization by Nortland Systems

Ubiquiti 1U Rack Extension – Ubiquiti Switch Accessories Series

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