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SX550X-12F – Cisco 550X Stackable Managed Switches


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The Cisco SX550X-12F offers a myriad of reasons to be the backbone of your business network. Prioritizing reliability and performance, Cisco’s managed switch is designed to sustain high traffic levels with a considerable switching capacity of 240 Gbps and 178.56 Mpps forwarding rate, ensuring that your business applications run smoothly without congestion or downtime. Moreover, the device’s 10x 10 GE and 2x 10 GE combo ports make it an ideal fit for organizations expecting to scale up their operations. Quality of Service (QoS) features deliver meticulous traffic prioritization for critical business applications, ensuring that bandwidth-intensive tasks are allocated the necessary resources.

Security is a prominent concern for all businesses, and Cisco delivers robust security features that will automatically adapt to protect sensitive information and your network from unauthorized access. Thanks to the Auto Smartports feature, the switch recognizes connected devices and configures the correct security settings without manual intervention, saving time and reducing the potential for human error.

The implementation and administration of the SX550X-12F are simplified through the graphical interfaces and the Textview CLI. For IT departments with limited manpower, this makes managing the network less complex and more attainable. SNMP support adds the flexibility of remote management, which can be essential for rapidly resolving issues and updating configurations across the network, while Cisco FindIT integration aids in swift discovery and monitoring of networked devices.

In an era where IT efficiency is synonymous with business success, integrating the Cisco SX550X-12F into your infrastructure is a strategic move towards a more connected, secure, and efficient workforce.

The Cisco 350 series part of the cisco small business line of network solutions is a portfolio of affordable managed switches that provides a reliable foundation for your business network These switches deliver the features you need to improve the availability of your critical business applications protect your sensitive information and optimize your network bandwidth to deliver information and applications more effectively Easy to set up and use the cisco 350 series provides the ideal combination of affordability and capabilities for small businesses and helps you create a more efficient better-connected workforce Features.

Quick Specs

Table 1 shows the Quick Specs.

Product Code


Capacity in mpps (64-byte packets)


Switching capacity (Gbps)


Total system ports

10x 10 GE SFP+ slots + 2x combo 10 GE copper/SFP+ plus 1x GE OOB management

Network ports

10x 10 GE

Uplink ports

2x 10 GE copper/SFP+ combo

Packet buffer

3 MB

Product Details

-Simple-to-use graphical interfaces reduce the time required to deploy, troubleshoot, and manage the network and allow you to support sophisticated capabilities without increasing IT headcount.

-The switches also support Textview, a full command-line interface (CLI) option for partners that prefer it.

-Using Auto Smartports intelligence, the switch can detect a network device connected to any port and automatically configure the optimal security, quality of service (QoS), and availability on that port.

-Cisco Discovery Protocol discovers Cisco devices and allows devices to share critical configuration information, simplifying network setup and integration.

-Support for Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) allows you to set up and manage your switches and other Cisco devices remotely from a network management station, improving IT workflow and mass configurations.

-The Cisco FindIT utility, which works through a simple toolbar on the user’s web browser, discovers Cisco devices in the network and displays basic information, such as serial numbers and IP addresses, to aid in configuration and deployment.

Supported Modules

Table 2 shows the Supported SFP/SFP+ modules of Cisco 550X Series Unmanaged Switches.




Maximum distance


Single-mode fiber

1000 Mbps

10 km


Multimode fiber

1000 Mbps

500 m


Single-mode fiber

1000 Mbps

40 km


Single-mode fiber

1000 Mbps

10 km


UTP cat 5e

1000 Mbps

100 m


Single-mode fiber

1000 Mbps

10 km


Single-mode fiber

1000 Mbps

10 km


Copper coax

10 Gig

1 m


Copper coax

10 Gig

3 m


Copper coax

10 Gig

5 m


Multimode fiber

10 Gig

26 m – 400 m


Single-mode fiber

10 Gig

10 km


Multimode fiber

10 Gig

26 m – 400 m


Single-mode fiber

10 Gig

10 km

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Experience Affordability and Quality with SX550X-12F from Northland Systems

Securing a Cisco 550X Stackable Managed Switch at a price point that respects your budget, without compromising quality, is a strategic business move. Northland Systems delivers the SX550X-12F with a 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring you receive top-of-the-line networking solutions at wholesale costs. Their commitment to affordability parallels a dedication to quality, providing an investment that promises performance and longevity.

Gain Competitive Edge with Free Expert Support

When purchasing the SX550X-12F, the value extends beyond the hardware. Northland Systems offers free CCIE expert support, ensuring your technical queries and concerns are addressed without additional financial outlay. Efficient troubleshooting and knowledgeable guidance become part of your business arsenal, available across various channels for your convenience.

Assured Secure and Flexible Transactions

Transaction security is non-negotiable. Northland Systems fortifies your purchasing process with certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Beyond the security, they provide flexible shipment options, tailoring the delivery process to suit your operational schedule and needs, ensuring the SX550X-12F arrives safely and on time.

Uncompromised Authenticity and Condition

Authenticity is paramount for network integrity. Northland Systems guarantees that the SX550X-12F is genuine — available in “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” condition. Their Cisco-certified engineers meticulously test all equipment, ensuring its reliability matches your expectations for mission-critical networking tasks.

Build Confidence with Customer-Centric Guarantees

Your confidence is earned through transparent and customer-centric service. Northland Systems reinforces this with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Commit to the SX550X-12F with the assurance that your satisfaction is a priority, and your investment is protected.

Leverage Northland Systems’ Reputation and Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a beacon of reliability in the industry. Their substantial discounts reflect a philosophy of accessible technology for all scales of business. Choose the SX550X-12F and benefit from sound economic efficiency paired with an established industry presence.

Opt for Pre-owned Hardware and Its Advantages

Opting for pre-owned hardware like the SX550X-12F from Northland Systems brings multiple advantages. You’ll enjoy significant cost savings, expedited delivery, and comprehensive full warranty coverage. Additionally, pre-owned Cisco hardware supports environmental sustainability and provides access to legacy parts, maintaining long-term stability for your network’s future.

Explore Cisco SMB Switches and discover how the SX550X-12F can elevate your networking requirements with Northland Systems, where quality, support, and customer assurance are the keystones of their service.

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SX550X-12F – Cisco 550X Stackable Managed Switches

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