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SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR Catalyst 6500 Service Module


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The Cisco SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR service module is a strategic investment for any large enterprise or service provider looking to future-proof their network infrastructure. Optimized for the Catalyst 6500 series switches, this module provides a high-bandwidth, resilient backbone connection that is critical for today’s data-heavy and uptime-sensitive applications.

Firstly, the module’s high-speed OC48/STM16 POS interface allows for rapid data transfers across the network at 2.488 Gbps. The scalability afforded by such speed ensures that the network can handle increasing traffic volumes without degradation in performance.

Secondly, the RPR technology incorporated into the module facilitates improved bandwidth utilization and redundant paths, drastically reducing the chance of network failure and downtime. With RPR, you can efficiently manage network resources while ensuring consistent service levels even in the event of partial network failure.

Additionally, the module’s support for advanced QoS features enables precise traffic prioritization, ensuring that critical services such as VoIP and streaming media operate smoothly without interruptions. Traffic management capabilities further enable a balanced network load, preventing bottlenecks and maximizing throughput.

Moreover, the interoperability of the SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR with existing Cisco infrastructure translates into lower operational costs due to reduced training requirements and simplified network management. This makes the module a cost-effective solution for expanding the network’s capabilities.

Investing in the Cisco SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR also means future sustainability for your network. As your network grows, you can add more of these modules to your Catalyst 6500 switches, providing you with modular scalability and protecting your investment over time.

Lastly, the reliability of Cisco hardware and support ensures a lower total cost of ownership through minimized downtime and readily available technical assistance, making the SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR an intelligent choice for businesses seeking a robust and high-performing networking solution. 1-port OC48/STM16 POS/RPR Shared Port Adapters

Affordability Meets Quality with SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR Service Module at Northland Systems

Purchasing the SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR Catalyst 6500 Service Module from Northland Systems translates to accessing premium network components below retail costs due to the company’s 100% Low Price Guarantee. Buyers benefit from high-quality networking equipment without the accompanying hefty price tag, integral for cost-effective infrastructure upgrades or expansions.

Complimentary CCIE-Level Support Enhances the Purchase

Free expert support is a standout feature, with experienced CCIE engineers ready to aid through various communication channels. This complimentary service adds tremendous value as it spares customers the expense and effort of outside technical consultation.

Secure and Convenient Shopping Experience

With Northland Systems, customers experience peace of mind during transactions, assured by secure payment options and flexible shipping. These processes are fortified by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured certifications, underscoring a commitment to transaction security and convenience.

Authenticity and Top-Notch Condition Guaranteed

Clients receive the guarantee that every product—whether new-sealed or used/refurbished—is authenticated and rigorously tested by certified engineers, ensuring reliable operation and consistent performance.

Boosted Customer Confidence with Money Back Guarantee

The 100% Money Back Guarantee manifests Northland Systems’ confidence in their offerings. It’s a pledge that empowers customers to trust in the value and efficacy of the products they purchase.

Reliability Reinforced by Industry Tenure and Discounts

Northland Systems has cemented its presence in the industry since 1997, offering customers substantial savings on Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards > Cisco Modules & Cards, including Cisco 6500 Switch Modules. Their long-standing reliability paired with these discounts makes them a prudent choice for network investments.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware: A Strategic Advantage

Selecting pre-owned hardware such as the SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR brings numerous benefits. Buyers see immediate cost savings, enjoy expedited delivery, and receive full warranty coverage. Additionally, it contributes to environmental sustainability and ensures access to legacy components, promoting long-term network stability.

Bearing all these advantages, it’s clear that sourcing the SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR Catalyst 6500 Service Module from Northland Systems is a decision that aligns affordability with quality, complete with expert support and a secure purchasing process.

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Cisco SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR Catalyst 6500 Service Module, high-speed networking & resilience

SPA-1XOC48POS/RPR Catalyst 6500 Service Module

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