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SFP-10G-ZR – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers


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Acquiring the SFP-10G-ZR transceivers from Alcatel-Lucent elevates your network’s performance by enabling long-range data transmission at 10 Gigabit speeds across distances up to 80 kilometers. Targeted for use in single mode fiber networks, these modules facilitate uninterrupted connectivity over extended distances, making them ideal for large-scale enterprise environments and data centers requiring robust communication capabilities without degradation of signal integrity. The use of LC connectors ensures compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment and provides a secure locking mechanism, minimizing the risk of accidental disconnections that can cause network downtime.

Implementing Alcatel-Lucent’s transceivers within your infrastructure guarantees a product manufactured to high industry standards, which means you can expect a resilient networking solution that will support your data transmission needs for the foreseeable future. The 1550nm wavelength used is optimal for long-distance applications, reducing the need for signal regenerators and thereby cutting down on equipment costs and complexity. Their SFP+ form factor ensures they integrate seamlessly into existing hardware without taking up excessive space.

Furthermore, these modules contribute to the scalability of your network. As your data demands grow, the SFP-10G-ZR transceivers can accommodate increased bandwidth requirements, preserving your investment by preventing the need for imminent upgrades. The reliability of Alcatel-Lucent products, combined with the technical expertise and customer support offered by Nortland Systems, ensures that your networking infrastructure benefits from both high-quality components and service, reducing maintenance-related concerns and downtime risks. Investing in the SFP-10G-ZR is a choice for future-proofing your network while safeguarding against the common pitfalls encountered in long-distance data transmission. 10 Gigabit industrial optical transceiver (SFP+). Supports data transmission at 1550nm over up to 80km single mode fiber. LC connector type.

Affordability Meets Quality

Northland Systems delivers a prime balance of cost-effectiveness and high-caliber performance with the SFP-10G-ZR Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers. You tap into wholesale pricing, but the integrity of your network remains uncompromised thanks to a steadfast commitment to quality, validated by a 100% Low Price Guarantee.

Complimentary Expert Support

The complexity of networking equipment demands specialized know-how for optimal performance. At Northland Systems, purchasing a transceiver also grants you access to complimentary expert technical support, ensuring that your configuration and deployment are as seamless as your transaction.

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Shop with confidence as every transaction is shielded by robust security protocols, including certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Your purchase is not only safe, it’s also tailored to your needs with flexible shipping options that meet your timeline.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Top Condition

With Northland Systems, concerns about authenticity and product condition are a thing of the past. Every SFP-10G-ZR is genuine, furnished by original manufacturers, and rigorously tested by Cisco-certified engineers to ensure reliability, available in brand new or certified refurbished condition.

Empowering Customer Confidence

Your satisfaction is paramount, and it’s bolstered by a rock-solid 100% Money Back Guarantee. This assurance empowers you to invest in Networking Accessories such as Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers with unwavering confidence in their performance and value.

Established Reputation and Competitive Discounts

Northland Systems has cemented its reputation since 1997, bringing to the table not just years of experience but substantial discounts on Networking Accessories, including Modules & Cards. This legacy demonstrates both a proven track record and a cornerstone for economical network management.

Choosing Pre-Owned Hardware Advantages

Opt for pre-owned hardware to enjoy numerous benefits: cost-efficient lifecycle extensions, rapid deployment, comprehensive warranty coverage, eco-friendliness, and access to vital, discontinued parts that provide consistency and stability to your network infrastructure.

When upgrading your network with Modules & Cards from Networking Accessories, selecting Northland Systems’ SFP-10G-ZR Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers means investing in a harmonious junction of quality, value-added service, and secure, flexible procurement.

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SFP-10G-ZR – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers

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