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S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M – Juniper Router MX960 Licenses


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Investing in S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M enhances the Juniper MX960 router’s capabilities, providing an essential upgrade for network operators who require robust, high-availability solutions. By upgrading to the 15.1 version of vRR, users benefit from a more stable and reliable network environment, essential for maintaining uninterrupted services and ensuring customer satisfaction. Redundant mode is vital for mission-critical applications where failover capabilities can mean the difference between seamless service continuity and costly downtimes. With support for all address families, this license upgrade ensures broad compatibility and integration into diverse network infrastructures, providing flexibility for future expansion and technological adaptation. Handling up to 8 million total RIB routes, the S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M license equips your router to manage large-scale networking demands efficiently, an important factor for growing businesses and service providers dealing with increasing traffic volumes. By elevating your MX960 router with this upgrade, you reinforce your network’s backbone, enhance performance, and streamline the management of your network’s routing capabilities. This strategic investment not only boosts operational efficiency but also aligns with industry best practices for scalability and high availability, positioning your network infrastructure for success in the competitive landscape. Right to upgrade an instance of vRR to a 15.1 vRR in redundant mode where it controls the same set of clients. (redundant mode is dr iven by configuration.) – All address families supported. – Max 8 million total RIB routes

Maximize Network Efficiency with S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M at Northland Systems

Optimizing your network with a Juniper Router MX960 License translates to enhanced performance and scalability. Selecting the S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M from Northland Systems ensures not only such technical benefits but also encompasses a suite of customer-centric advantages.

Unbeatable Affordability and Quality Assurance

  • State-of-the-art Juniper Router Licenses are available at wholesale prices, backed by Northland’s 100% Low Price Guarantee.
  • Whether it’s new sealed or used/refurbished, each product is original, genuine, and has passed rigorous tests by Cisco-certified engineers.

Comprehensive Support Included

Investing in Northland’s S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M comes with the added advantage of free award-winning CCIE technical support. Access expert guidance across various channels, enhancing the already great value of your purchase.

Transaction Security and Flexibility

Northland Systems respects the need for secure and convenient shopping experiences. Transactions are protected, and shipments are flexible, ensuring peace of mind for every customer.

Building Trust and Confidence

Purchase with confidence, knowing that you’re covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your investment is safe, underscored by Northland’s reputation for customer satisfaction.

Renowned Reputation and Substantial Discounts

With a long-standing presence in the industry since 1997, Northland Systems is a name synonymous with reliability. Customers benefit from substantial discounts, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Sustainability through Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware not only saves you money but also supports environmental sustainability. Gain quick access to legacy parts, ensuring your network’s long-term stability— all with full warranty coverage.

When choosing Routers > Juniper Routers > Juniper Router Licenses > Juniper Router MX960 Licenses, considering Northland Systems for your S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M license is a decision that balances affordability, reliability, and premium support, tailored to the demanding needs of modern networks.

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Juniper MX960, S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M license, upgrade to vRR 15.1, supports all address families, up to 8M RIB

S-VRR-R-UPG-15-1-M – Juniper Router MX960 Licenses

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