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S-BASDPI-40G – Juniper Routing Services SW


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Choosing the S-BASDPI-40G by Juniper Routing Services offers a multitude of benefits crucial for effective network management and analytics. By implementing this software, network administrators can perform detailed deep packet inspection at massive 40G speeds, which is essential for handling large volumes of traffic and maintaining high throughput. This robust analysis capability enables identification and rectification of network issues faster, leading to reduced downtime and improved user satisfaction.

Moreover, as a perpetual license, S-BASDPI-40G represents a long-term investment in your network infrastructure since there are no ongoing fees. You can enjoy continuous DPI service without worrying about license expirations or renewals. This benefit aligns with cost-effective network operation strategies and ensures that you can allocate budget to other critical areas of your IT department.

The focused feature set dedicated to analytics ensures that you are not paying for unnecessary functionality that does not directly contribute to the inspection and analysis of your network traffic. While services like PCEF, HCM, PCC, or LRF are not included, the targeted nature of this license means that it is optimized for what it does best: providing in-depth analytics for your network’s performance and security.

Lastly, purchasing the S-BASDPI-40G software strengthens your networking capabilities, especially when using (v)MX platforms. Juniper’s reputation for reliability and cutting-edge technology is well known in the industry, suggesting that introducing their product into your system will likely result in superior performance and stability. With advanced traffic analysis and detailed DPI, network inefficiencies can be quickly identified and addressed, thus optimizing performance and ultimately supporting your organization’s success by ensuring that critical network operations run smoothly and securely. 40G Perpetual License for DPI (ANALYTICS ONLY) for (v)MX. Does not include PCEF/HCM/PCC/LRF.

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When it comes to Routers > Juniper Routers Services, Northland Systems stands out with its unmatched combination of affordability, quality, and customer-centric services. Your procurement of S-BASDPI-40G is bound to be a well-supported, secure, and value-rich decision.

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S-BASDPI-40G – Juniper Routing Services SW

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