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RP-AC56 – ASUS Wireless AP/Repeater/Bridges


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Should you purchase the ASUS RP-AC56? If wide, consistent Wi-Fi coverage is a necessity in your home or office, then the answer is yes. The RP-AC56 is designed to extend your existing network, ensuring that you can enjoy high-speed internet everywhere. Beneficial for large spaces and multiple devices, it adjusts to your needs, functioning not just as a repeater, but also as an access point or media bridge.

Its dual-band capabilities enable speeds up to 3 times faster than traditional wireless-N, making it perfect for activities that require a lot of bandwidth, such as streaming HD videos or online gaming. Plus, you don’t need an engineering degree to set it up; it’s as easy as pressing the WPS button.

Moreover, the RP-AC56 features Roaming Assist, which keeps your device connected to the strongest signal without any manual intervention, a blessing for uninterrupted, stable connections. Its compatibility with the ASUS AiPlayer app offers a personal home concert experience, streaming music directly to the repeater’s connected speakers. And with ASUS ExpressWay, you get boosted performance just when you need it.

All this functionality is packed into a device with a design that includes a rotating mains plug for optimal positioning. Lastly, keeping the firmware updated is a breeze, ensuring you have access to the latest features and security updates. For anyone seeking to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots and enhance their wireless experience, the ASUS RP-AC56 is a smart buy.

Wireless-AC1200 Dual-band AP/Repeater/Media bridge

Faster Wi-Fi that goes further

The RP-AC56 wireless repeater has two powerful external MIMO antennas that help to eliminate signal dead zones and improve the coverage of any existing wireless router. It works as a repeater, which means it can extend wireless networking to every corner of the home even to those difficult, hard-to-reach spots. With blindingly-fast 802.11ac speeds up to 1167 Mbps, its ideal for extending your existing 802.11ac Wi-Fi network. This ensures reliable high-speed internet coverage everywhere for devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smart TVs.

Experience ultra-fast wireless speeds

Powered by the new 802.11ac chipset, RP-AC56 delivers ultra-fast wireless-AC speeds up to 867 Mbps on the 5GHz band thats 3 times faster than standard wireless-N! This high-performance wireless lets you enjoy ultra-smooth online gaming, snappier web surfing and other bandwidth-hungry tasks without a wired connection.

Extra-long-range external antennas

Much longer range and stronger transmissions make RP-AC56 perfect for larger homes and offices, delivered by the two external antennas and an enhanced power amplifier. As well as improved coverage, you get all the speed benefits of fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

One-press setup and worry-free connectivity

RP-AC56 wireless repeater installation doesnt require a CD or even a mouse and keyboard. Simply press the WPS button and setup is complete. Optimized performance is assured for a seamless and smooth internet experience. For advanced settings, you can connect RP-AC56 to a PC via an Ethernet cable and access the web-based configuration menu directly, with no disc or app needed. You can even set it up wirelessly from a tablet or smartphone.

Find the best location for RP-AC56 with the signal indicator

For best results, RP-AC56 needs to be within range of a stable router signal, and should be placed between the router and the location where you need better wireless coverage. RP-AC56 works best when it is receiving a strong wireless signal from the router you can check this by using the signal strength indicator on the front panel.

Stream a wide range of music formats with ASUS AiPlayer app

You can connect speakers to the RP-AC56 wireless repeater and stream your favorite music direct from any mobile device that has the ASUS AiPlayer app installed. Its compatible with a wide range of multimedia formats and delivers a smooth and effortless streaming experience, anywhere in the home. RP-AC56 can also stream music from Mac and iOS devices with no need for extra software.

* Free download ASUS AiPlayer from App Store and Google Play now.

Super-convenient rotating mains plug

With the ingenious rotating mains plug, RP-AC56 can be positioned upright for optimum performance no matter what the orientation of the power socket.

3-in-1 repeater, access point and media bridge modes

RP-AC56 has two more convenient modes to make it even more flexible. As well as a repeater, it can also work as a wireless access point (AP) or as a media bridge. In AP mode, it can be connected to any wired LAN for example, a hotels internet connection to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing the internet connection to be accessed from laptops, phones or other Wi-Fi devices. In media bridge mode, it can be connected to any Ethernet-compatible device such as a smart TV, multimedia player, game console or PC to give it Wi-Fi capability. A great way to reduce cable mess!

ASUS ExpressWay boosts performance

ASUS ExpressWay uses the dual-band capability of RP-AC56 to create a super-efficient connection with improved performance and reliability. In normal mode, RP-AC56 uses the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands simultaneously for connecting to devices, giving wide compatibility with devices and routers. As long as at least one device or your router supports 5GHz operation, ExpressWay can dedicate one band for connecting to the router and the other band for connecting to the device. This gives you a great performance boost for data-intensive tasks such as HD video streaming or online gaming, and also reduces the chance of losing the connection due to interference.

Roaming Assist for stable connections, everywhere!

With our hassle-free Roaming Assist technology, you never have to switch connections manually between RP-AC56 and your ASUS router as you move around the home. Once you enable this function, your device will connect automatically to the strongest Wi-Fi signal, whether its from the router or the repeater. This ensures that you always get a reliable connection wherever you are in the house.

Keep Up to Date!

Remember to always keep your devices firmware up to date so you can benefit from the very latest service and security enhancements and get exciting new features! 

RP-AC56 – ASUS Wireless AP/Repeater/Bridges at Northland Systems

Affordability Meets Quality

The RP-AC56 ASUS Wireless AP/Repeater/Bridge combines impressive performance with affordability at Northland Systems. Customers benefit from a 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring high-quality networking products at wholesale prices. This commitment to cost-effectiveness does not sacrifice quality, offering the best of both worlds.

Complimentary Expert Support

Northland Systems provides free CCIE technical support, enhancing the value of your purchase. This support is available through various channels, meaning that you have access to expert networking advice and troubleshooting at no extra cost when you need it most.

Secure and Convenient Shopping

Experience secure and flexible purchasing with Northland Systems. Their transactions are secured by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured certifications, offering peace of mind. With flexible shipping options, your transaction is not only safe but also tailored to your convenience.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Condition

All products, including the RP-AC56, are guaranteed to be authentic and arrive in either “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” condition. Every unit is thoroughly tested by certified engineers, ensuring reliability and performance when it arrives at your doorstep.

Boosting Customer Confidence

With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, Northland Systems fosters strong trust with their clients. Customers can feel confident in their purchases, knowing they are backed with a commitment to satisfaction.

Established Reputation and Substantial Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a trusted name in networking. Customers can enjoy substantial discounts, evidence of the company’s focus on combining economic efficiency with an unwavering reputation for reliability.

The Perks of Pre-owned Hardware

Choosing pre-owned hardware like the RP-AC56 comes with multiple advantages. You benefit from significant cost savings, expedited delivery, and full warranty coverage. This is an environmentally friendly option that also provides access to legacy parts, ensuring the stability and longevity of your network.

Whether enhancing your home office or upgrading a corporate network, the ASUS Wireless AP/Repeater/Bridges from Northland Systems yield a strategic investment in Networking WiFi AP/Extender/Satellite technology that promises performance, savings, and satisfaction.

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RP-AC56 – ASUS Wireless AP/Repeater/Bridges

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