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QK732A – HPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cbl


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Choosing the right network components is crucial for maintaining an efficient and reliable data center. The HPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cable, also known as QK732A, is a superior choice for your networking needs. Here’s why:

Firstly, the cable is manufactured by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), a brand renowned for quality and reliability in technology solutions. Strong brand reputation often correlates with product dependability, meaning less downtime and maintenance for your network.

Secondly, the OM4 rating of this fiber cable ensures high-end performance over a distance of up to 400m for 10Gbps and up to 100m for 100Gbps, making it a future-proof choice for growing data needs in enterprises. Network scalability is crucial as your organization evolves and flourishes.

Moreover, the use of LC/LC connectors ensures compatibility and ease of connection with various network equipment, such as switches, servers, and storage units. A universal standard like LC reduces the complexity of network management.

Additionally, the Premier Flex range is designed to provide superior bend performance, which translates to less signal loss even in complex routing scenarios. Minimized signal degradation helps maintain the integrity of your data transfer.

The 1-meter length of this particular model addresses the need for short-distance, high-speed connections without causing cable slack that can lead to disorganization and potential interference within the hardware setup.

In terms of investment, while the initial cost of a premium cable like the QK732A might be higher compared to lower-grade options, the longevity and performance benefits pay off in the long term, with fewer replacements needed and reduced risk of connectivity issues.

In summary, the HPE QK732A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cable aligns with high-performance networking demands, providing longevity, robust performance, and reliability for critical data center operations, making it a smart acquisition for any IT infrastructure. HPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cbl

QK732A – HPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cable at Northland Systems

Opting for the QK732A – HPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cable through Northland Systems ensures you receive a product that balances affordability with uncompromising quality. The competitive edge lies in Northland’s 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring you’re getting the best deal without sacrificing the product’s excellence.

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With every purchase, including the Networking Accessories > Power Supplies, Cables and Other > HPE Accessories, you gain access to complimentary expert CCIE technical support. This unrivaled service adds value beyond the standard customer care, equipping you with professional insights to optimize your networking setup.

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Northland Systems guarantees a secure shopping experience with certifications from McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. We support this with flexible shipment options, ensuring your transactions are not only safe but also tailored to your logistical needs.

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Every product, including the HPE Cables, is guaranteed to be authentic and is available in either brand-new sealed or fully tested used/refurbished condition. Our Cisco-certified engineers ensure that you receive reliable products every time.

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The commitment to customer satisfaction is further bolstered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This promise underlines the assurance you can have in the integrity and quality of our Networking Accessories > Power Supplies, Cables and Other.

Reputation and Exclusive Discounts

Northland Systems not only brings an established history dating back to 1997 but also offers substantial discounts on products like the HPE Accessories. This combination of trusted industry presence and economic savings highlights Northland Systems as a leading supplier.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware translates into considerable cost savings, faster delivery, full warranty coverage, and an environmentally sustainable choice. Additionally, it includes accessibility to legacy components which ensures the longevity of your existing infrastructure.

Make Northland Systems your first choice for the QK732A – HPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cable and capitalize on a trusted source for high-quality networking solutions with a customer-focused approach.

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HPE QK732A Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 multimode fiber cable 1 meter at Nortland Systems

QK732A – HPE Premier Flex LC/LC OM4 2f 1m Cbl

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