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HPE StoreEasy 1460 8TB SATA Storage

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Q2R92A is the HPE StoreEasy 1460 8TB SATA Storage. HPE StoreEasy 1460 Storage products are storage solutions that deliver multi-protocol file serving and application storage in a compact and affordable 1U rack-mount form factor. They’re easy to install and manage, making them perfect for a small workgroup, small business or remote office. HPE StoreEasy 1460 models come with Windows Storage Server 2016 pre-installed from the factory on the four internal LFF drives. The HPE StoreEasy 1460 is built on a ProLiant DL360 Gen 10 Server and includes a rail kit.

Quick Spec

Table 1 shows the quick spec of HPE StoreEasy 1460 Storage.


HPE StoreEasy 1460 Storage


Intel® Xeon-Bronze 3104 
(1.7GHz/6-core/85W) Processor



DDR4-2666 CAS-19-19-19 Registered (RDIMM)


24TB (Limit based on operating system license – WSS2016)


8GB (1 x 8GB)

DIMM Sockets


Network Controller

NIC ports



1Gb Ethernet 4-port


LFF Drives:

4.29 x 43.46 x 74.98 cm

1.69 x 17.11 x 29.5 in

Product Details

Figure 1 shows the front view of HPE StoreEasy 1460 Storage.


Optical drive blank 

Serial label pull tab

iLO Service Port

USB 3.0 Port

SATA drive bays

Configuration Information

Table 2 shows you how to configure an HPE StoreEasy 1460 storage.

Step 1: Choose an HPE StoreEasy 1460 BTO model

HPE StoreEasy 1460 Pre-configured Build-to-Order (BTO) models come with four factory-installed data drives and the Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2016 Standard Edition operating system pre-installed on a 150GB RAID10 partition across the four drives.

HPE StoreEasy 1460 8TB SATA Storage


NOTE: (4 x 2TB SATA 6G Midline 7.2K LFF Digitally Signed Firmware HDDs pre-installed in front slots).

HPE StoreEasy 1460 16TB SATA Storage


NOTE: (4 x 4TB SATA 6G Midline 7.2K LFF 512e Digitally Signed Firmware HDDs pre-installed in front slots).

HPE StoreEasy 1460 32TB SATA Storage


NOTE: (4 x 8TB SATA 6G Midline 7.2K rpm LFF 512e Helium Digitally Signed Firmware HDDs pre-installed in front slots).

NOTE: Model names are based on raw storage capacity, not available user storage.

NOTE: All options in steps 2 to 8 of Build-to-Order models are shipped separately and are not factory integrated.

Step 2: Choose optional external storage controller to connect to external storage enclosures

HPE Smart Array SAS Controllers

HPE Smart Array E208e-p SR Gen10 (8 External Lanes/No Cache) 12G SAS PCIe Plug-in Controller


HPE Smart Array P408e-p SR Gen10 (8 External Lanes/4GB Cache) 12G SAS PCIe Plug-in Controller


HPE Smart Array SR Secure Encryption (Data at Rest Encryption/per Server Entitlement) E-LTU


Step 3: Choose optional second Network Adapter

PCIe Network Adapters

HPE StoreEasy 1GbE 2-port 332T Adapter


HPE Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331T Adapter


HPE StoreEasy 10GbE 2-port 530T Adapter


HPE StoreEasy 10GbE 2-port 530SFP+ Adapter


FlexLOM Network Adapters

HPE Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 366FLR Adapter 


HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 562FLR-SFP+ Adapter


HPE Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 535FLR-T Adapter


NOTE: FlexibleLOM Adapters provide flexibility in meeting networking needs now and adapt to any future requirements without using a standard PCIe slot. These options are field upgradeable, integrate seamlessly with the HPE StoreEasy system architecture and form factor. Only one FlexibleLOM can be added to the HPE StoreEasy 1460.

Step 4: Choose optional Riser Kit to add PCIe slot 3

HPE DL360 Gen10 Low Profile Riser Kit


NOTE: The Riser Kit also requires the Intel® Xeon-Bronze 3104 Processor to be installed. The Riser Kit expands the number of available PCIe slots to 3.

Step 5: Choose optional 2nd processor

HPE DL360 Gen10 Intel Xeon-Bronze 3104 (1.7GHz/6-core/85W) Processor Kit 


Step 6: Choose optional extra memory kit

HPE 16GB (1x16GB) Dual Rank x8 DDR4-2666 CAS-19-19-19 Registered Smart Memory Kit


NOTE:  There are 12 DIMM slots per processor for a total maximum of 24 DIMM slots. All HPE StoreEasy 1460 models come with one processor and one 8GB DIMM standard.

NOTE: Dual processor HPE StoreEasy 1460 systems must have the same number and type of memory DIMMs installed on each processor.

Step 7: Choose optional 2nd power supply

HPE 500W Flex Slot Platinum Hot Plug Low Halogen Power Supply Kit


Step 8: Choose optional System Recovery Media

HPE StoreEasy XX60 Recovery Software Media Kit


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