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PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U – Juniper Router Accessories


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Investing in the PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U upgrade kit for your Juniper MX960 router is essential for network administrators who demand the highest levels of performance and reliability. The increased electrical capacity, provided by the four 4100W DC PSUs, guarantees that your system can handle a higher throughput without the risk of power-related issues. This is critical for businesses that anticipate growth and require their network infrastructure to scale accordingly.

The enhanced cooling efficiency is equally important. With two high capacity fan trays, your system benefits from improved airflow, which is vital for maintaining optimal operating temperatures. Heat is a major factor in hardware reliability, and efficient cooling extends the lifespan of your components, resulting in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

Furthermore, the included high capacity filter tray provides additional protection against dust and particulate matter. Keeping these contaminants out of your router ensures that the cooling system operates effectively and prevents the buildup that can lead to overheating or damage.

Sustainability is an increasingly important concern, and the PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U’s highly efficient PSUs mean reduced energy consumption which translates to lower operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

Finally, integrating this high capacity power and cooling upgrade kit is a proactive measure that can forestall the need for more drastic equipment changes in the future. By enhancing the capabilities of your existing router, you preserve your initial investment while adapting to new demands. This approach is cost-effective, minimizes waste, and is aligned with the principles of circular economy in IT management.

All these benefits combine to make the PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U a prudent acquisition for any enterprise looking to secure its network’s performance and longevity. MX960 High Capacity power/cooling upgrade kit. Includes 4x 4100W DC PSU, 2x High Capacity fantray, 1x High Capacity filter tray

Affordability Meets Quality: PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U at Northland Systems

Securing the right Juniper Router Accessories is crucial for ensuring your network maintains peak performance. The PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U is an exemplary option, and Northland Systems assures a blend of affordability and top-tier quality. Every purchase is backed by a 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment.

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All products, including the PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U, are absolutely genuine and available in either pristine ‘New Sealed’ or dependable ‘Used / Refurbished’ conditions, undergoing stringent testing by Cisco-certified technicians.

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Northland Systems fortifies your confidence in our products, including Routers > Juniper Routers > Juniper Router Accessories, with a 100% Money Back Guarantee, assuring a trustful purchase.

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Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a pillar in the industry. We offer significant discounts on Juniper Router Accessories, reflecting our commitment to blending reliability with cost-effectiveness.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware: A Smart Move

Opting for pre-owned hardware like Routers > Juniper Routers comes with a myriad of benefits. You’ll enjoy cost savings, swift delivery, and full warranty coverage. All these while contributing to environmental sustainability and gaining access to vital legacy parts, guaranteeing long-term network stability.

Investing in the PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U at Northland Systems means you prioritize both excellence in network operation and smart financial decisions. Your network deserves the power of expertise, quality, and value – and we are here to deliver just that.

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High capacity power and cooling upgrade kit PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U for Juniper MX960 router, featuring 4 DC PSUs and 2 fan trays

PWR-FAN-MX960-DC-HC-U – Juniper Router Accessories

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