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P9D94A – Storage Networking for HPE Server


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Investing in the HPE P9D94A SN1100Q 16Gb 2p FC HBA provides a significant boost to data center capabilities. Doubling the I/O performance of 8Gb FC HBAs, this high-speed 16Gb interface expedites data transfer, making it ideal for applications like backups, database transactions, virtualization, and rich media handling. Its compatibility with existing 4Gb and 8Gb FC networks safeguards your investment, offering a seamless upgrade path without requiring a complete overhaul of your storage network.

The increased throughput of the SN1100Q 16Gb HBA means better server efficiency, as it accommodates more virtual machines and applications per server. This not only reduces the need for additional hardware but also lowers energy consumption, cooling requirements, and the total cost of ownership. By leveraging technologies like N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) and Class-specific control (CS_CTL), you gain finer control over bandwidth allocation, ensuring Quality of Service for critical workloads and meeting high Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with greater ease.

Moreover, the advanced diagnostic features integrated with this HBA enable quicker, more accurate troubleshooting. Administrators can leverage tools such as D-port diagnostics and Link Cable Beaconing to pinpoint and resolve issues rapidly, minimizing downtime and maintaining peak operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the SN1100Q 16Gb HBA’s scaling capabilities mean that it is not just a stop-gap solution, but a future-proof piece of your IT infrastructure that will grow with your needs, accommodating increased demands without requiring frequent hardware upgrades.

Choosing the HPE P9D94A SN1100Q 16Gb FC HBA means opting for a scalable, high-performance, and efficient solution that keeps your data center current, all while simplifying management and cutting down on ancillary expenses.

P9D94A is the HPE SN1100Q 16Gb 2p FC HBA – Host Bus Adaptors. The HPE StoreFabric SN1100Q 16Gb Host Bus Adapters deliver twice the I/O performance of 8 Gb HBAs, it takes storage networking performance and efficiency to the next level. They enable rapid storage and retrieval of critical information when using high bandwidth cloud applications and storage intensive applications such as backup, database transactions and rich media. Designed for increased virtual machine density and bandwidth requirements, the SN1100Q 16Gb HBA products enable more applications and virtual machines to run on a single server and port, resulting in reduced cabling. The SN1100Q 16Gb HBAs are backward compatible with 8 Gb and 4 Gb networks and will protect your current and future IT investments.

Quick Spec

Table 1 shows the quick spec.




HPE SN1100Q 16Gb 2p FC HBA:Host Bus Adaptors – Commercial

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

12 x 8.5 x 4.5 in


1.5 lb

Product Details

P9D94A provides these features:

1. High-performance, Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters

The HPE StoreFabric SN1100Q 16Gb Host Bus Adapters deliver twice the I/O performance of 8 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) HBAs.

Moving to 16 Gb technology provides the infrastructure required for the more powerful servers and data intensive applications in virtualized environments.

When using storage intensive applications like backup/restore, database transactions, virtualization and rich media, the improved I/O performance enables faster storage and retrieval of data.

2. High Performance and Enhanced Capability For Critical Workloads and High SLA Environments

The HPE StoreFabric SN1100Q 16Gb Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters supports for N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) and industry standards-based Class-specific control (CS_CTL), provides end-to-end quality of service (QoS).

Delivers 16Gbps line rate per physical port, and increases the number of virtual machines (VMs) per each physical HBA Port that can be supported.

Advanced diagnostics capabilities when used in conjunction with HPE StoreFabric B-series FC switches can reduce troubleshooting and downtime with support for features like D-port diagnostics, Link Cable Beaconing (LCB), Read Diagnostic Parameters (RDP), enhanced FDMI, FC Ping and FC Trace Route.

Data center administrators do not need to concern themselves with multiple requests from the virtualized servers potentially creating conflict.

3. Additional Bandwidth

The HPE StoreFabric SN1100Q 16Gb Host Bus Adapters allow IT departments to do more with less: less hardware, less power, less cooling, less personnel, and less budget.

They optimize existing resources by deploying an effective adaptive server solutions.

Scale physical resources through consolidation and virtualization.

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P9D94A – Storage Networking for HPE Server

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