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OS6450-SW-ME – Alcatel-Lucent Network Edge Switches


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The OS6450-SW-ME from Alcatel-Lucent is a critical upgrade for any network that requires enhanced edge switching capabilities. This software license enables Metro Services, which are key for service providers to deliver high-quality, scalable, and resilient network services. With the activation of Metro Services on your network edge switches, you gain the ability to perform advanced VLAN manipulations, support QinQ tunneling, and benefit from provider bridging.

These features allow for more efficient network traffic management, improve the overall performance, and support the deployment of complex hierarchical network structures necessary for metropolitan area networks (MANs). The license is essential for networks that need to maintain high levels of data integrity and provide extensive customer service level agreements (SLAs). Incorporating this software into your Alcatel-Lucent Network Edge Switches transforms the switches into robust service delivery platforms that can handle the demanding environments of metro service providers.

By purchasing the OS6450-SW-ME, network administrators can future-proof their setups by being ready to meet the increasing demands for bandwidth and service delivery. Alcatel-Lucent’s strong reputation and ongoing support for their networking equipment mean you can trust the quality and reliability of the product, ensuring your investments are safeguarded. Overall, acquiring the OS6450-SW-ME is a strategic move to upgrade your metro network’s capabilities, enabling you to keep pace with the evolving technological landscape and expanding service offerings to your customers, thereby maintaining a competitive edge.

Software license to enable Metro Services features.

Alcatel-Lucent Network Edge Switches – OS6450-SW-ME

Purchasing the OS6450-SW-ME Alcatel-Lucent Network Edge Switches from Northland Systems offers a distinguished combination of affordability and exceptional quality. The products’ pricing follows a wholesale model with a steadfast 100% Low Price Guarantee. Northland Systems ensures customers receive the best value in the market without compromising on the product’s integrity.

Comprehensive Expert Support at No Additional Cost

Acquisition of the OS6450-SW-ME includes access to free expert CCIE technical support. This dedicated assistance bridges any knowledge gap, ensuring optimal deployment and maintenance without incurring extra fees. Northland Systems advocates for an enhanced customer experience through professional guidance across multiple communication channels.

Transaction Security and Flexibility

Northland Systems guarantees a secure buying process. With safeguards in place like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured certifications, customers can trust their transactions to be both safe and accommodating. A variety of secure payment options alongside flexible shipment arrangements cater to diverse customer needs, ensuring a smooth purchase and delivery experience.

Authenticated and Reliable Products

Every item, including the OS6450-SW-ME, is assured to be an authentic Alcatel-Lucent product. Northland Systems’ inventory encompasses both “New Sealed” and “Used / Refurbished” conditions, each meticulously tested by Cisco-certified engineers. This meticulous inspection guarantees the reliability of your network infrastructure upon integrating our offerings.

Built-In Customer Confidence

Northland Systems’ commitment to customer reassurance is highlighted by the 100% Money Back Guarantee. This demonstrates an unwavering confidence in the quality of products and services provided, allowing customers to make purchases with assured peace of mind.

Established Industry Presence and Economic Savings

With a firm foothold in the industry since 1997, Northland Systems couples its rich history with considerable discounts on products like Alcatel-Lucent Network Edge Switches. This enduring legacy paired with economic efficiency solidifies the advantage of partnering with us.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware such as the OS6450-SW-ME brings forth several benefits:

  • Significant cost reductions compared to new retail prices;
  • Expedited delivery options;
  • Full warranty coverage ensuring long-term product performance;
  • Environmental sustainability through re-use,
  • Access to legacy and end-of-life products ensuring network stability.

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Software license for Alcatel-Lucent OS6450-SW-ME, enabling Metro Services on Edge Switches, essential networking upgrade

OS6450-SW-ME – Alcatel-Lucent Network Edge Switches

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