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OS10K-XNI-U32ES – Alcatel-Lucent Network Core Switches


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The Alcatel-Lucent OS10K-XNI-U32ES network module offers cutting-edge solutions for burgeoning network demands. With the ever-increasing data proliferation, networks require infrastructure that not only handles current loads but is also future-proof for expanding requirements. This module provides 32 10G ports, delivering the necessary bandwidth for high-traffic environments, essential for businesses dealing with large data transfers or requiring low latency. The capacity to support Layer 2, Layer 3, and advanced ACL policies make it highly adaptable to complex network configurations.

Incorporation of this module into your network infrastructure allows for a more streamlined, efficient, and manageable network. It’s optimized for fast, reliable connectivity, which is crucial in an age where downtime or delays can lead to significant business losses. The robust construction of the OS10K-XNI-U32ES ensures a investment, designed to evolve with advancing technology, evident in its MPLS readiness—key for enterprises looking to implement or enhance a multi-protocol label switching network.

Another compelling reason for selecting the OS10K-XNI-U32ES is its delivery as an individual module. This affords a level of flexibility not found in pre-populated switch cards, enabling customized configurations that align with specific network requirements.

Finally, trust in the Alcatel-Lucent brand is well-founded, backed by its reputation for producing reliable, high-performance networking equipment. Invest in the OS10K-XNI-U32ES, and you’re not just buying a product, you’re investing in a seamless, scalable future for your network’s core, ensuring it remains robust and responsive as your organisational demands grow.

OS10K network interface card includes 32 unpopuluated 10G SFP+ ports. Supports standard tables for L2. L3 and ACL policies. MPLS ready. Sames as the OS10K-XNI-U32E but shipped in an individual module package

Affordability Meets Quality

When considering the OS10K-XNI-U32ES for your network infrastructure, cost efficiency paired with uncompromised quality is at the forefront. Northland Systems delivers this high-caliber Alcatel-Lucent Network Core Switch at wholesale prices. Ensuring you get the best deal, a 100% Low Price Guarantee confirms you’re receiving the highest quality for the lowest cost.

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Northland Systems enhances your investment with free expert CCIE technical support. Whether you need guidance during selection, deployment, or troubleshooting, the team stands by ready to assist through various communication channels, at no additional expense.

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Shop with confidence, knowing your purchase is protected. Secure payment gateways and flexible shipping options provide a smooth transaction experience, bolstered by certifications such as McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured.

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All switches, including the OS10K-XNI-U32ES, are authentic Alcatel-Lucent products. Each item, whether new, sealed, or professionally refurbished, undergoes rigorous testing by Cisco-certified engineers to ensure top-notch reliability.

Building Customer Confidence

Peace of mind is part of the package; Northland offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This commitment to customer satisfaction cultivates trust and encourages confidence in every purchase.

Leveraging Reputation for Discount Advantages

With a foundation laid since 1997, Northland Systems presents not only industry expertise but also substantial discounts on products like Alcatel-Lucent Switches. This combination affirms the company’s dedication to economic efficiency alongside trustworthy service.

The Wisdom of Pre-owned Hardware

Selecting pre-owned hardware, such as the Alcatel-Lucent Network Core Switches from Northland Systems, reaps numerous benefits. Buyers can expect significant cost savings, quick delivery, complete warranty coverage, and environmental sustainability. This is especially critical for maintaining legacy parts and ensuring long-term operational stability.

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Alcatel-Lucent OS10K-XNI-U32ES network core switch module, unpopulated 32-port 10G SFP+, upgradeable, network expansion ready

OS10K-XNI-U32ES – Alcatel-Lucent Network Core Switches

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