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NSM5 – Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges Series


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The NSM5 by Ubiquiti Networks is a compelling product for several reasons. It offers a cost-effective solution for establishing high-speed, long-distance wireless links, ideal for remote networking requirements. With Ubiquiti’s proprietary airMAX technology, users experience superior point-to-point networking performance, evidenced by reduced latency and increased throughput. The NSM5 operates in the less-congested 5.8 GHz radio band, providing a cleaner signal and better bandwidth availability, a significant advantage for areas filled with RF noise.

Ease of installation is another standout feature of the NSM5. The product includes an alignment LED and pole mounting kit, facilitating optimal orientation for maximum signal strength and range. Its robust design ensures durability in harsh outdoor environments, allowing the bridge to withstand natural elements such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures.

The integrated AirOS software is a key feature preferred by professionals, enabling detailed device management and network configuration. AirOS provides tools such as network mapping, analytics, and signal strength indicators, which help administrators optimize performance and monitor network status in real-time.

Ubiquiti’s community support and regular firmware updates ensure that NSM5 remains secure and functional against evolving network threats and standards. The NSM5 serves various applications, including rural internet delivery, video surveillance networking, and connecting multiple business locations. The product’s balance between performance, reliability, and price makes it a wise investment for those needing a robust outdoor wireless bridge with considerable reach.

UBNT (Ubiquiti Networks) 5.8G Broad Band Outdoor Wireless, CPE 5 km, Panel NSM5

Northland Systems and NSM5: A Perfect Match for Connectivity Needs

Exceptional Affordability and Quality

When purchasing the Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges series, especially the NSM5, Northland Systems stands out with its unbeatable combination of wholesale prices paired with high-quality standards. The 100% Low Price Guarantee ensures that customers invest in superior connectivity solutions without the usual hefty price tag.

Comprehensive Free Expert Support

Northland Systems adds immense value to the Wireless Bridges experience by offering free CCIE-level support. Buyers of the NSM5 will receive expert assistance to streamline installation and optimize performance, ensuring a hassle-free user experience at no additional cost.

Reliable and User-Friendly Transactions

Northland Systems provides the reassurance of secure transactions, with the convenience of various payment and shipping options. By adhering to standards set by certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, customers are afforded peace of mind throughout their purchase journey.

Uncompromised Authenticity and Condition

Integrity is a priority, and this is reflected in the authenticity of the NSM5 from the Ubiquiti Wireless lineup. Each product, whether new, sealed, or refurbished, is meticulously tested by Cisco-certified engineers for assured quality and reliability.

Building Confidence with Money Back Guarantee

Northland’s commitment to customer satisfaction is further underscored by the 100% Money Back Guarantee. Investing in Wireless technology through Northland systems means customers can trust in the performance and support behind their NSM5 device.

Reputation and Exclusive Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has established its reputation for reliability and cost-efficiency. Buyers of Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges like the NSM5 reap the benefits of substantial discounts, which translates to significant savings without compromising on the technology’s edge.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware: A Smart Move

Opting for pre-owned NSM5 hardware translates to immediate cost savings, quicker delivery, full warranty coverage, and a step towards environmental sustainability. Additionally, customers gain access to legacy parts that ensure the long-term stability of their network infrastructure.

In summary, Northland Systems delivers an optimal balance of affordability, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, making it the smart choice for purchasing the Ubiquiti NSM5 Wireless Bridge.

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Ubiquiti Networks NSM5 5.8G Broadband Outdoor Wireless Bridge, 5 km Range CPE Panel

NSM5 – Ubiquiti Wireless Bridges Series

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