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MX-MPC2E-3D-Q – Juniper Router MX960 Modules & Cards


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The Juniper MX-MPC2E-3D-Q for the MX960 platform is an investment towards a cutting-edge networking infrastructure. Combining two Trio chipsets, the module delivers exceptional performance and efficiency in data processing and routing. Network administrators can leverage its sophisticated per-IFL HQoS system to finely tune bandwidth allocation and prioritize critical services, ensuring optimal user experience and system reliability.

Designed to handle high traffic volumes, the MX-MPC2E-3D-Q supports an extensive number of queues, up to 256K with 128K maximum for egress queues, permitting granular traffic management across a large-scale enterprise or service provider network. This level of control is indispensable for organizations that depend on maintaining consistent service levels and minimizing packet loss during peak loads.

Inclusion of full-scale Layer 2 and Layer 2.5 features ensures compatibility with complex networking protocols and services, while the reduced-scale Layer 3 capabilities provide essential routing functionalities needed in modern networks. Cost is further managed by the inclusive pricing model that bundles these advanced features, offering substantial value.

For businesses evolving towards high-density, high-throughput environments, the MX-MPC2E-3D-Q’s advanced features support future-proof scalability. It’s an ideal solution for those aiming to maximize their MX960’s potential, bolster network performance, uphold service quality, and ensure a robust, future-ready network architecture. The ability to manage and prioritize data streams so effectively places the Juniper MX-MPC2E-3D-Q at the heart of enterprise and carrier-grade deployments demanding peak performance and reliability. 2xTrio Chipset Enhanced MPC, per-IFL HQoS, 256K queues (max 128K egress); price includes full scale L2/L2.5 and reduced scale L3 features

Affordability and Quality of MX-MPC2E-3D-Q – Juniper Router MX960 Modules & Cards

When opting for MX-MPC2E-3D-Q – Juniper Router MX960 Modules & Cards at Northland Systems, you tap into high-quality hardware at wholesale prices. Our 100% Low Price Guarantee attests to our commitment to value.

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Each product, including the MX-MPC2E-3D-Q, is guaranteed to be authentic and comes in either “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” condition. Before reaching you, they’re thoroughly inspected and tested by Cisco-certified professionals.

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We solidify buyer trust with our 100% Money Back Guarantee. This policy assures customers of their investment’s safety and the dependability of our services and products.

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Advantages of Pre-owned Hardware

Choosing pre-owned hardware like the MX-MPC2E-3D-Q doesn’t just mean cost savings. It also encompasses benefits like quicker delivery, full warranty, environmental sustainability, and availability of legacy parts for systems stability.

Selecting Northland Systems for Routers > Juniper Routers adds value beyond mere hardware, granting peace of mind and an assured partnership in networking solutions.

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Juniper MX960 Module MX-MPC2E-3D-Q, dual Trio chipset, advanced HQoS, high-capacity queues

MX-MPC2E-3D-Q – Juniper Router MX960 Modules & Cards

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