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MEM-4460-16G – ISR4000 Memory & Flash


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The MEM-4460-16G memory module is an essential component for businesses that rely on Cisco’s ISR 4461 routers for their networking needs. Upgrading to 16 GB of DRAM with this module provides a significant performance boost, allowing routers to handle more simultaneous processes and reducing latency during high traffic conditions. This translates to improved efficiency and faster response times for applications and services critical to your organization.

Implementing this memory upgrade can lead to better overall network stability, reducing the likelihood of system crashes or slow-downs during peak usage. Enhanced memory also supports advanced features and future software updates without hardware constraints, protecting your investment and ensuring your network is future-proofed against increasing demands.

Network administrators will appreciate the simplified management and troubleshooting processes that come with a well-functioning, high-capacity network. With the MEM-4460-16G, ISR 4461 routers will be better equipped to support virtualization, high-speed data transfers, and secure encryption protocols, all of which demand robust memory resources.

In summary, purchasing the MEM-4460-16G for your Cisco ISR 4461 router is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the productivity and scalability of your network infrastructure. It’s an investment in both current network performance and long-term technological relevance. 16G DRAM (1 DIMM) for Cisco ISR 4461

MEM-4460-16G – Essential Upgrade for Your ISR4000 Series

Upgrading your ISR4000 Series routers with the MEM-4460-16G memory module from Northland Systems is a sound investment. This Cisco Memory & Flash resonates with Northland’s dedication to high-quality and affordability. Achieve an optimal balance between cost-effectiveness and system performance through a component that offers reliability at wholesale prices, substantiated by a 100% Low Price Guarantee.

Expert Support at No Additional Cost

When purchasing MEM-4460-16G from Northland Systems, you gain access to free CCIE technical support. This priceless aid is available across multiple channels, ensuring your upgrade process is guided by seasoned experts. This value-added service is a testament to Northland’s customer-centric approach, aiming to enhance your shopping experience without inflating the price.

Transaction Security and Flexibility

Feel confident with secure and convenient purchase processes. Northland Systems ensures your transactions are protected and flexible, with secure payment options and a range of shipment choices. Certified by both McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, each transaction is a testament to Northland’s commitment to safety and adaptability.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Quality

Rest assured, every product sold, including the MEM-4460-16G, is guaranteed to be authentic and in either new sealed or excellent used/refurbished condition. Rigorously tested by Cisco-certified engineers, we stand behind our merchandise’s reliability. This commitment to authenticity and quality removes any uncertainty from your purchase.

Why Trust in Northland Systems

Your confidence is our priority. Each purchase is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee, providing a risk-free experience. Northland Systems has been a dependable player in the industry since 1997. This established reputation, combined with substantial discounts, ensures your trust is well-placed and your finances are well-invested.

The Smart Choice of Pre-owned Hardware

Embrace the compelling advantages of pre-owned hardware. Northland Systems offers a cost-effective alternative that doesn’t compromise functionality or reliability. From significant cost savings and rapid delivery to comprehensive warranty coverage, choosing pre-owned Cisco Memory & Flash from Northland is an eco-friendly decision that maintains the stability of your network infrastructure.

The Full Spectrum of Northland Systems Benefits

  • Unbeatable wholesale pricing on high-quality Cisco Memory & Flash.
  • Free expert CCIE technical support for your memory module upgrades.
  • Secure, flexible transactions with renowned certifications.
  • Guaranteed genuine products fully tested for peak performance.
  • Confidence in your purchase with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Proven industry reliability and substantial economic discounts since 1997.
  • Support for legacy systems and environmental sustainability with pre-owned hardware.

Choosing the MEM-4460-16G from Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards imbues your ISR4000 Series routers with newfound efficiency and sustainability. Trust Northland Systems for your network enhancement needs – where quality, support, and value go hand-in-hand.

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Cisco MEM-4460-16G 16GB DRAM for ISR 4461 - Router memory upgrade, enhanced performance

MEM-4460-16G – ISR4000 Memory & Flash

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