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MA-ANT-MX – Cisco Meraki MX Accessories


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The Cisco Meraki MA-ANT-MX external dual-band dipole antennas offer valuable enhancements for MX64W and MX65W appliance users. Improved Signal Strength: These antennas are engineered to amplify your wireless signal strength and coverage area, essential for environments with challenging RF conditions where connectivity is crucial. By boosting the signal, users can experience fewer dead zones and increased overall network performance.

Easy Installation: The RP-SMA connector type ensures a straightforward setup, allowing for rapid deployment without the need for specialized tools. The design of the MA-ANT-MX antennas aligns with the plug-and-play philosophy, making them user-friendly and efficient for non-technical personnel to install.

Versatility: The dual-band functionality provides compatibility with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies, offering flexibility to work with a broad range of wireless devices. Whether your environment is filled with legacy devices or the latest technology, these antennas can accommodate them.

Durability and Design: Like all Cisco Meraki products, these antennas are built with high-quality materials to endure the demands of everyday use. They also maintain a low profile, blending seamlessly with the environment, minimizing visual impact while maximizing functionality.

Enhanced User Experience: With better signal strength and coverage, users can enjoy a more consistent and reliable wireless experience. This translates into higher productivity and reduces frustration that can accompany poor connectivity.

Investing in Cisco Meraki’s MA-ANT-MX antennas means ensuring a better-quality wireless experience. Their durable, efficient, and versatile design makes them a wise choice for businesses and individuals looking to enhance their Meraki MX64W or MX65W systems’ wireless capabilities. One pair of external dual-band dipole antennas (connector type: RP-SMA) for MX64W or MX65W

Affordability Meets Quality

When investing in Cisco Meraki MX Accessories, savvy buyers seek a balance between cost-efficiency and product integrity. Northland Systems delivers on both fronts. Our MA-ANT-MX components are priced competitively to ensure you’re getting the best deal. With our 100% Low Price Guarantee, we ensure you’re not sacrificing quality for affordability.

Complimentary Expert Support

Understanding the complexities of Cisco Meraki MX Series Appliances can be daunting. Northland Systems simplifies this through free CCIE expert support, equipping our clients with the necessary insights to make informed decisions, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance without additional financial burden.

Secure and Flexible Purchasing

Your transactions are safeguarded and streamlined with Northland Systems. Secure payment gateways, reinforced by McAfee Secure and VeriSign certification, instill confidence. Flexible shipping options align with your schedule and logistical preferences, ensuring convenience from the point of purchase to delivery.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Optimal Condition

We provide only authentic Cisco > Cisco Meraki > Cisco Meraki MX Series Appliances > Meraki MX Accessories. Items arrive in ‘New Sealed’ or ‘Used / Refurbished’ condition, having undergone rigorous testing by Cisco-certified engineers to affirm their reliability and performance.

Boosted Customer Confidence

The 100% Money Back Guarantee underscores Northland Systems’ dedication to customer satisfaction. If the MA-ANT-MX doesn’t meet your expectations, our guarantee means your investment is protected, bolstering your confidence in each transaction made with us.

Reputation and Attractive Discounts

Our long-standing reputation since 1997 speaks to our industry expertise and commitment to service. Clients benefit from substantial discounts on Meraki MX Accessories, showcasing our dedication to delivering excellent value.

The Advantages of Pre-owned Hardware

Choosing pre-owned Cisco Meraki hardware isn’t just about cost savings—it’s a strategic decision. Benefits include quicker delivery times, full warranty coverage, supporting environmental sustainability, and access to legacy components, essential for maintaining consistent network performance over extended periods.

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MA-ANT-MX – Cisco Meraki MX Accessories

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