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ISFP-GIG-BX-U – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers

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The Alcatel-Lucent ISFP-GIG-BX-U offers an efficient solution for network expansion or upgrade. Investing in this transceiver means securing a reliable means of data transmission that can support distances up to 10 km, ideal for campuses, service provider networks, or any large-scale telecommunication setups requiring long-range, single-mode fiber connections. With its bi-directional capability over a single strand of fiber, it reduces the fiber usage, cutting down infrastructure costs significantly while maintaining high-quality performance. This not only saves on material expenses but also simplifies network management and maintenance efforts.

The transceiver’s compliance with the 1000Base-BX standard ensures compatibility with an extensive array of networking equipment, allowing for seamless integration into existing infrastructures. This backward compatibility is essential for organizations looking to extend the life span of their current systems without incurring the costs associated with a complete overhaul. Moreover, Alcatel-Lucent’s reputation for producing sturdy and dependable transceivers provides an extra layer of assurance in terms of long-term operational stability, ultimately resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Network efficiency isn’t compromised either, as the ISFP-GIG-BX-U transmitter operates at 1310 nm and the receiver at 1490 nm, reducing interference and permitting clear, precise data transmission even across the maximum 10 km distance. The use of an LC interface, known for its locking mechanism, ensures reliable physical connectivity, meaning fewer disconnections and data errors in the transmission process.

In summary, this model is a worthwhile investment for any organization looking to boost their network capacity and resilience, with Alcatel-Lucent’s guarantee of efficiency serving as a foundation for secure and uninterrupted communication links. 1000Base-BX SFP transceiver with an LC type of interface. This bi-directional transceiver is designed for use over single mode fiber optic on a single strand link up to 10 km. Transmits 1310 nm and receives 1490 nm optical signal.

Affordability and Quality with ISFP-GIG-BX-U – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers

Purchasing ISFP-GIG-BX-U – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers from Northland Systems means you’re getting the best of both worlds—high-quality network components at wholesale prices. The stringent 100% Low Price Guarantee underscores a commitment to affordability without cutting corners on the quality of the product. When quality matters as much as cost-effectiveness, Northland delivers.

Benefit from Free Expert Support

Navigating the complexities of networking equipment selections can be daunting. Northland Systems acknowledges this by offering free CCIE technical support. Expert guidance is readily available to assist with any challenges or questions that arise before, during, or after your purchase, ensuring a smooth and informed experience.

Transactional Security and Flexibility

Your transactions are fortified with secure payment options and flexible shipment choices. Certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured offer peace of mind that your financial interactions and product deliveries are protected and reliable.

Authenticity and Condition Guaranteed

Trust in the authenticity of your ISFP-GIG-BX-U – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers. With all products verified as original and available in either New Sealed or Used / Refurbished condition, you can rely on the performance expected from genuine items, further backed by rigorous testing from Cisco-certified engineers.

Customer Confidence Is Paramount

Northland Systems bolsters buyer assurance through a 100% Money Back Guarantee. This pledge reflects a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring that your confidence in their products is well-placed.

Reliability and Economical Discounts

Established in 1997, Northland’s reputation for reliability is matched by significant discounts on their products. This history in the industry serves as a testament to their expertise and their commitment to delivering economic efficiency to their customers.

Advantages of Pre-owned Hardware

Considering pre-owned hardware like the ISFP-GIG-BX-U – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers presents numerous benefits:

  • Cost savings that impact your budget in a positive way.
  • Quicker delivery times for more urgent needs.
  • Full warranty coverage, giving you peace of mind.
  • Eco-friendly choices supporting environmental sustainability.
  • Access to legacy parts that maintain long-term network stability.

For Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards > Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers or even broader categories like Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards, investing in Northland Systems’ offerings is a strategic move that guarantees satisfaction on multiple fronts.

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ISFP-GIG-BX-U – Alcatel-Lucent Transceivers

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