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Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node – Inspur NX Blade Servers


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The Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node stands out for its impressive computing power, essential for data centers requiring high levels of data processing and virtualization capabilities. Equipped with up to two Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, it provides a foundation for both performance and energy efficiency, optimizing operational costs.

The 24 memory slots allow for significant memory expansion up to 1.5TB, enabling seamless handling of memory-intensive applications. Such capacity is vital for organizations dealing with large datasets, complex calculations, or demanding virtual environments. Additionally, the support for the latest Intel C621 chipset ensures compatibility with cutting-edge technologies and enhances overall system performance.

Scalability is a key consideration for growing businesses, and the NX5460M5’s architecture is designed to grow with enterprise needs, avoiding the necessity for frequent hardware upgrades. Its blade server form factor means it integrates easily into existing infrastructures and optimizes space within data centers—crucial for urban centers where physical space is at a premium.

Choosing the Inspur NX5460M5 also means investing in reliability. Inspur’s reputation for durable and stable server solutions provides peace of mind that operations will run smoothly with minimal downtime. Its design aligns with modern security and management features, ensuring sensitive data is well-protected while simplifying maintenance tasks.

For businesses prioritizing high performance, expandability, and reliability in their server deployments, the Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node presents a valuable solution that promises to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of contemporary data environments.

Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node, Supporting the brand-new Intel® Xeon® scalable processor (1~2 pieces), Intel C621 chipset, 24* memory slots, supporting maximum 1.5TB capacity

Affordable Quality with Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node

The Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node, part of the esteemed Inspur NX Blade Servers lineup, stands apart thanks to Northland Systems’ dedication to delivering enterprise-class quality coupled with cost-effective pricing. Northland Systems’ broad inventory provides 100% Low Price Guarantee on network equipment, ensuring customers get top-tier performance at wholesale costs without sacrificing reliability or advanced features inherent in Inspur Servers.

Complimentary Access to Expertise

Purchasing the Inspur NX5460M5 from Northland Systems goes beyond a simple transaction by offering free expert CCIE technical support to streamline deployments and troubleshoot scenarios. This commitment adds an invaluable layer of professional assistance across various communication channels at no extra charge, enhancing the value of your acquisition.

Secure and Flexible Purchasing

Investing in an Inspur NX Blade Server through Northland Systems guarantees a protected purchasing experience. This peace of mind is a direct result of secure payment gateways and certifications by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. These measures are complemented by flexible shipping options accommodating the diverse needs of businesses.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Rest assured, every purchase of an Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node from Northland Systems is backed by a promise of authenticity. Products are genuine and verified, available either in “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” condition, meticulously tested to meet rigorous standards of quality and reliability by certified engineers.

Customer Confidence and Satisfaction

Customer trust is paramount, reflected in Northland Systems’ 100% Money Back Guarantee. This pledge underscores the confidence clients can have in the condition and performance of the Inspur servers they’re investing in, ensuring a satisfactory and risk-free procurement process.

Reliable Service and Substantial Discounts

With a strong reputation built since 1997, Northland Systems offers substantial discounts on the Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node. This blend of reliability and cost-saving potential demonstrates Northland’s understanding of fiscal efficiency and consistent service quality.

Benefits of Pre-owned Hardware

  • Cost Savings: Pre-owned Inspur NX Blade Servers from Northland Systems provide significant cost reductions, especially important for budget-conscious businesses.
  • Expedited Delivery: Access your Inspur hardware swiftly, with options for quick shipment that help meet pressing project timelines.
  • Warranty Coverage: Each server, including the Inspur NX5460M5, comes with full warranty coverage, instilling confidence in the longevity and durability of the hardware.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Opting for refurbished Inspur Servers aligns with ecological responsibility, reducing e-waste through reutilization of reliable equipment.
  • Legacy Support: Maintenance of existing infrastructures is made possible through continued access to legacy parts and systems, ensuring operational stability.
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Image shows Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node featuring dual Intel Xeon processors, 24 memory slots, and Intel C621 chipset for server infrastructures.

Inspur NX5460M5 Compute Node – Inspur NX Blade Servers

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