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Inspur High-end all-flash storage AS6800G2-F, supports up to 32 controllers, supports up to 48TB system cache, dual controllers support 2100 hard drives

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High-end all-flash storage AS6800G2-F is designed for structured and unstructured data applications for medium and large enterprises.

Quick Spec

Table 1 shows the quick spec.




Multi-controller (Active-Active), support up to 32 controllers


System cache supports up to 48TB

Number of hard drives

Dual controllers support 2100 hard drives

Host interface

8Gb FC, 16Gb FC, 10Gb FCoE, 1 / 10Gb Ethernet, 56Gbps IB

Extension ports

48Gb SAS3.0 expansion interface

Expansion cabinet


RAID level


Product Details

Inspur AS6800G2-F provides these features:

Unified storage

(1) Unification of SAN + NAS: Block and File services can be provided in the same storage system, simplifying the data center architecture, reducing operation and maintenance costs, and flexibly applying for different business needs.

(2) Unification of multiple protocols: Supports multiple protocols such as iSCSI, FC, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, etc., to meet the storage requirements of applications such as databases, file sharing, and cloud computing.

Advanced architecture

(1) Active-Active architecture: Inspur G2-F high-end all-flash storage adopts the industry-leading Active-Active storage architecture, of which AS6800G2-F controller adopts multi-controller PCIe exchange loosely coupled architecture and fully modular design to achieve Load balancing among controllers eliminates controller performance bottlenecks, improves system high availability, and ensures business continuity.

(2) Scale-Out architecture: Inspur AS6800G2-F high-end full-flash active storage supports online horizontal expansion, supports up to 32 controllers, and TB-level caches, allowing customers ‘storage resources to grow linearly to meet the changing needs of customers’ businesses.

(3) High availability of storage: Inspur AS6800G2-F high-end full-flash active storage adopts a fully redundant architecture, full modularity, redundant cache, redundant power supply fans, and dual-active controller design. The main components have no single point of failure, support online hardware expansion, online firmware upgrade, online system maintenance, and support for abnormal power failure data protection.

(4) Unified software platform: Based on the unified software platform, data can be freely migrated between storages. By replacing the controller, the low-end products can be upgraded to high-end products without data migration during the upgrade process.

(5) End-to-end data protection: Support end-to-end T10-level data consistency protection, including full path protection of host HBA cards, SAN switches, front-end ports, back-end ports, and hard disks.

Intelligent software functions

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