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FC-10-0400E-108-02-DD – Fortinet Next general Firewalls -Middle range-400E Series


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Investing in the Fortinet FortiGate-400E ensures that your medium to large enterprise is protected by a top-tier, next-generation firewall. The 400E series stands out for its optimized performance and deeper security insights, making it a valuable asset for companies prioritizing robust cybersecurity.

The integrated FortiGuard IPS Service is a critical feature, offering up-to-the-minute intelligence from Fortinet’s global threat research team. This functionality arms the firewall with the latest defense mechanisms against emerging threats, ensuring your network remains secure against even the most sophisticated attacks.

Moreover, Fortinet’s commitment to high-speed performance does not come at the expense of efficiency. The 400E model provides industry-leading throughput rates, allowing your enterprise to handle large volumes of data with minimal latency, which is crucial for maintaining productivity and operational speed.

Regarding compatibility and integration, the FortiGate-400E is designed to function seamlessly within Fortinet’s Security Fabric, delivering end-to-end network visibility and control, simplifying management and incident response across the infrastructure. The firewall’s ability to interoperate with existing and future security components presents a flexible and scalable solution in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Additionally, by choosing the 400E, your business benefits from Fortinet’s robust policy control, user authentication, VPN capabilities, and advanced routing, providing both strength and precision in defending your network’s perimeters.

The durability and reliability of the hardware mean that investing in the FortiGate-400E is a long-term solution, reducing the total cost of ownership. Ensuring comprehensive network protection without sacrificing performance or scalability makes the Fortinet FortiGate-400E an intelligent choice for enterprises committed to maintaining a resilient and efficient cybersecurity posture. FortiGate-400E, FortiGuard IPS Service

Fortinet Next-Generation Firewalls: FC-10-0400E-108-02-DD – Middle-range 400E Series

Investing in a robust security infrastructure is critical, and the Fortinet Next-Generation 400E Series Firewalls are a smart choice for those in the market for middle-range firewalls. Northland Systems offers a compelling proposition to customers with this product.

Unmatched Affordability and Quality

Northland Systems delivers a combination of affordability and quality that stands out in the industry. The FC-10-0400E-108-02-DD model, part of the Fortinet FortiGate NGFW Middle-range Series, comes with a 100% Low Price Guarantee. Customers get the best bang for their buck without compromising the caliber of their network security infrastructure.

Complimentary Expert Support

With Northland Systems, you gain access to free expert CCIE technical support. This invaluable resource ensures you can tackle any setup or troubleshooting challenge with the confidence that expert help is just a call or message away, at no additional cost.

Secure, Flexible Transactions

Your purchase is protected with secure payment options and flexible shipment choices. Trust and safety are certified by McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, reinforcing the reliability of your transaction from start to finish.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Condition

Each Fortinet product, including the 400E series firewalls, is guaranteed to be original and genuine. Northland Systems ensures every unit is either brand new or fully tested if refurbished, maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance.

Robust Customer Confidence

The promise of a 100% Money Back Guarantee further secures your investment. Should there be any dissatisfaction, Northland Systems stands ready to refund, deeply valuing customer confidence in their products and services.

Reputation and Substantial Discounts

With expertise honed since 1997, Northland Systems not only provides reliability but also offers substantial discounts on the Fortinet Firewall lineup, including the Fortinet Network Security Platforms, ensuring cost-effectiveness hand in hand with top-of-the-line technology.

Benefits of Pre-owned Hardware

  • Cost Savings: Opting for pre-owned hardware significantly reduces your initial investment without sacrificing performance.
  • Swift Delivery: Pre-owned equipment is often ready to ship, enabling faster deployment.
  • Full Warranty Coverage: You still enjoy the protection of a warranty similar to that of new hardware.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Purchasing pre-owned aids in reducing electronic waste and conserving resources.
  • Legacy Support: Maintain long-term stability with access to parts and systems no longer produced.

Northland Systems doesn’t just sell equipment; they provide peace of mind and a strategic partnership in fortifying your networking infrastructure with Fortinet Firewalls – including the versatile and powerful 400E Series.

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Fortinet FortiGate-400E firewall with FortiGuard IPS, mid-range security solution

FC-10-0400E-108-02-DD – Fortinet Next general Firewalls -Middle range-400E Series

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