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FAZ-3700F – Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Appliances


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The Fortinet FAZ-3700F FortiAnalyzer is an indispensable asset for any organization prioritizing network security. Its centralized logging capabilities offer unparalleled visibility into network activity, allowing for prompt identification and mitigation of security threats. With a massive 240 TB storage capacity and rapid processing of up to 7,000 GB of logs per day, the FAZ-3700F scales with your growing data needs, ensuring long-term usability without performance bottlenecks.

Furthermore, the FAZ-3700F is engineered to accelerate incident response with actionable insights derived from data analytics. Its automated alerting system can drastically reduce the time between threat detection and response, thereby minimizing potential damage. For compliance, the integrated reporting and archiving features facilitate effortless audits, ensuring that the organization meets regulatory requirements without additional workload.

High-speed network connectivity is guaranteed through the inclusion of both copper (GE RJ45) and fiber (SFP+ slots) network interfaces, enabling seamless integration into diverse network infrastructures and ensuring sustained throughput for traffic-intensive scenarios. Integration with other Fortinet security products offers a cohesive security posture, leveraging a unified security fabric that is much stronger and more efficient than fragmented security solutions.

Investing in the Fortinet FAZ-3700F not only boosts your cybersecurity infrastructure but also serves as a proactive measure against the evolving threat landscape. By centralizing your network’s log management and analysis, your cybersecurity team can operate more proficiently, focusing on strategic initiatives instead of getting bogged down with manual log review processes. Consequently, the FAZ-3700F stands as a cornerstone tool for safeguarding your network’s integrity, making it a wise investment for the security-conscious organization. Fortinet FAZ-3700F Centralized log & analysis appliance – 2 x GE RJ45, 2x SFP+ slots, 240 TB storage, up to 7,000 GB/Day of Logs.

Why Choose Northland Systems for Fortinet FortiAnalyzer 3700F

Affordability Meets Quality

Northland Systems stands out by offering the FAZ-3700F – Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Appliances at wholesale prices without compromising on quality. This exceptional value is complemented by a 100% Low Price Guarantee. Customers benefit from high-performance network security and analytics at a cost-effective price point.

Complimentary Expert Support

With every purchase, enjoy the advantage of free expert CCIE-level technical support. Northland Systems provides unparalleled guidance through various channels, ensuring that your investment is supported by seasoned professionals, translating into a seamless operational experience.

Transaction Security and Flexibility

Experience hassle-free purchases with secure transaction processes and convenient shipping options. Northland Systems ensures safety and convenience with certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured, catering to a wide range of customer needs with confidence.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Premium Condition

Northland Systems guarantees the authenticity of its Fortinet FortiAnalyzer appliances. Each FAZ-3700F unit, whether in ‘New Sealed’ or ‘Used / Refurbished’ condition, undergoes rigorous testing by Cisco-certified engineers, ensuring optimal reliability and performance.

Build Confidence with Our Money-Back Guarantee

The 100% Money Back Guarantee offered by Northland Systems underscores a commitment to customer satisfaction. Trust is paramount, and the guarantee allows customers to invest in FortiAnalyzer 3700F appliances with full confidence in their functionality and quality.

Established Reputation and Attractive Discounts

Trusted since 1997, Northland Systems has a proven track record in the industry, offering substantial discounts on Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Centralized Solutions, fortifying the promise of cost-effective network management and security solutions.

Choosing Pre-Owned Hardware Benefits

Selecting pre-owned Fortinet FortiAnalyzer 3700F appliances not only provides significant cost savings but also offers expedited delivery and full warranty coverage. Sustainable and environmentally friendly, pre-owned hardware from Northland Systems gives access to essential legacy parts, promoting long-term stability and operation continuity.

Explore the Fortinet Firewalls Advantage with Northland Systems

The FAZ-3700F from Northland Systems is an essential component for businesses seeking firm control over their network security. Through the Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Centralized Solutions, organizations gain actionable insights and heightened security measures. Choose Northland Systems and secure your IT infrastructure while benefiting from industry expertise, guaranteed quality, and comprehensive support.

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FAZ-3700F – Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Appliances

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