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FAC-2000E – Fortinet FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Servers


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Fortinet’s FortiAuthenticator-2000E stands out as a user identity management server catering to medium to large-sized enterprises. It secures user access within an organization, enforcing security policies across various network domains. Implementing this server means that up to 20,000 users can be supported, providing scalability as your business grows. It comes with 4 x GE RJ45 and 2 x GE SFP slots, along with a sizable 4 TB SAS storage, ensuring that the appliance can handle a significant amount of data and multiple high-speed connections.

The main selling point of the FortiAuthenticator-2000E is its integration within Fortinet’s security architecture, including the Security Fabric, offering real-time visibility of users and guests across the network. This integration ensures that authentication is tightly controlled and coordinated with firewall policies, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. By implementing such a consistent security policy, businesses safeguard their resources and, crucially, their data integrity.

Additionally, the FortiAuthenticator-2000E supports a variety of authentication methods, including single sign-on capabilities, which streamlines user experience without compromising security. This is a crucial feature in today’s fast-paced work environments, where time saved on frequent logins is a significant productivity boost.

Investing in this device not only enhances network security but also ensures compliance with regulatory standards by providing detailed reports and logs for auditing purposes. The initial cost is outweighed by the long-term benefits of fewer security breaches, reduced downtime, and the safeguarding of corporate reputation. In summary, Fortinet FortiAuthenticator-2000E is a strategic investment in robust, scalable identity management that tightly integrates with comprehensive network security. FortiAuthenticator-2000E Identity Management and FSSO appliance4 x GE RJ45 ports, 2 x GE SFP, 4 TB SAS storage. Supports up to 20,000 Users S-ERVER

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When considering the FAC-2000E – Fortinet FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Servers, one of the critical considerations is cost without sacrificing quality. Northland Systems delivers both, with high-quality products at wholesale prices. The assurance of a 100% Low Price Guarantee confirms that you are getting the best deal without any compromise on the quality of the product.

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With the purchase of Fortinet FortiAuthenticator from Northland Systems, you receive the added advantage of free expert CCIE technical support. This service is invaluable, ensuring that any queries or technical challenges you face are addressed by seasoned professionals, at no additional cost.

Security and Flexibility in Transactions

Northland Systems provides a secure and convenient shopping experience, with trusted certifications like McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Flexible shipment options tailored to your needs are complemented by secure payment methods, giving you the assurance and convenience you require when investing in critical Networking Accessories.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Condition

All Fortinet products, including the Fortinet FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Servers, are guaranteed to be authentic. Whether you opt for “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” conditions, every product is thoroughly tested by Cisco-certified engineers, ensuring reliability.

Building Customer Confidence

Confident in the quality of their products and services, Northland Systems offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Such confidence in their offerings reinforces the trust that you, as a customer, can place in their Networking Accessories > Power Supplies, Cables and Other.

Reliability and Economical Discounts

Established in 1997, Northland Systems has a long-standing presence in the industry, offering substantial discounts that underscore both their reliability and economic efficiency. When you consider Networking Accessories > Power Supplies, Cables and Other > Fortinet Others, keep in mind the potential savings and the trusted expertise that comes with years of experience.

Choosing Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware, like the Fortinet FortiAuthenticator, can lead to significant cost savings, fast delivery, and full warranty coverage. Furthermore, it is an environmentally sustainable choice and provides access to legacy parts that ensure long-term stability for your networking infrastructure.

By choosing Northland Systems for your Networking Accessories > Power Supplies, Cables and Other > Fortinet Others > Fortinet FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Servers, you leverage a spectrum of benefits that secure the value and support required for robust network identity management.

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FAC-2000E – Fortinet FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Servers

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