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EWDM-OADM4 4-channels EWDM OADM Module


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The EWDM-OADM4 module presents a strategic investment for businesses aiming to elevate their optical communication systems. Its utilization of four channels for EWDM (Ethernet Wavelength Division Multiplexing) allows a single fiber to carry multiple signals at various wavelengths, thus maximizing the fiber’s bandwidth usage. This not only optimizes already scarce fiber resources but also significantly reduces the need for additional cabling, leading to cost savings on infrastructure.

Low insertion loss is a critical feature of the EWDM-OADM4, ensuring minimal signal attenuation during the multiplexing process, thereby preserving signal integrity and quality over extended distances. High isolation between channels further guards against crosstalk, bolstering system performance and reliability.

Scalability is a core benefit, as this module simplifies the task of upgrading network capacity. It offers seamless integration into existing setups, allowing network managers to add or drop channels without overhauling the entire system. This flexibility ensures that as network demands grow, expansion can be achieved with minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

The robust design of the EWDM-OADM4 makes it suitable for varied environments and applications, including metro networks, broadband access networks, and enterprise systems. Businesses demanding high data throughput for applications such as video conferencing, cloud services, or data center connectivity, will find the EWDM-OADM4’s performance aligns with their needs.

Choosing the EWDM-OADM4 module ultimately leads to a more efficient, reliable, and scalable optical network. This future-proofs one’s investment and presents an edge in today’s data-driven landscape, where the efficiency of communication infrastructure can dictate a company’s competitive advantage. 4-channels EWDM OADM Module

Affordability Meets Quality with EWDM-OADM4 at Northland Systems

The EWDM-OADM4, a 4-channels EWDM OADM Module, stands as a prime example of Northland Systems’ devotion to delivering top-tier network equipment. Prioritizing affordability without sacrificing quality, Northland Systems offers this module at wholesale prices backed by a steadfast 100% Low Price Guarantee, ensuring you receive the best deal without compromising the integrity of the product.

Complimentary Expert Assistance

Choosing Northland Systems means benefitting from complimentary, expert CCIE technical support. The value added by this no-cost expert guidance across various channels is unparalleled, elevating the customer experience and simplifying complex networking decisions.

Secure and Convenient Shopping

Safety in transactions is a cornerstone of Northland Systems, underscored by secure payment options and flexible shipping arrangements. Confidence in your purchase is bolstered by certifications such as McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Quality

Concerns about authenticity and condition are alleviated with Northland Systems’ unwavering commitment to originality. Every product, including the Cisco OADM EWDM Module, is guaranteed to be genuine and arrives in “New Sealed” or “Used / Refurbished” condition, meticulously tested by Cisco-certified engineers to ensure absolute reliability.

Increase in Consumer Trust

Northland Systems reinforces customer confidence with a solid 100% Money Back Guarantee policy. This pledge articulates a clear message – your satisfaction is paramount, and your investment is protected.

Reputation and Exclusive Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has cemented its reputation as a trusted provider in the network equipment industry. This, paired with substantial discounts, underscores both the reliability and cost-effective nature of their services and products, such as the Networking Accessories > Modules & Cards > Cisco Optics Modules.

The Perks of Pre-owned Hardware

Selecting pre-owned hardware, like the EWDM-OADM4 module, from Northland Systems comes with a multitude of advantages. Cost savings are immediate and substantial, and expedited delivery means your network enhancement isn’t delayed. Full warranty coverage, an emphasis on environmental sustainability, and the availability of legacy parts ensure your network remains robust and future-ready.

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Image of EWDM-OADM4 4-channel OADM module by Nortland Systems showing ports and model information, intended for efficient wavelength multiplexing and network scalability.

EWDM-OADM4 4-channels EWDM OADM Module

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