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DWDM-XFP-46.92 DWDM XFP 1546.92 nm XFP (100 GHz ITU grid)


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With digital data demands surging, the DWDM-XFP-46.92 represents a critical investment in network infrastructure. First, it provides high-capacity, high-speed data transmission, essential for service providers coping with increasing traffic loads. Its wavelength, precisely tuned to 1546.92 nm within the 100 GHz ITU grid, ensures compatibility and optimal performance within DWDM systems.

Interoperability is a key strength; it adheres to XFP multi-source agreements, facilitating integration with existing equipment, and allowing for versatile deployment across a myriad of network architectures. It’s a scalable solution that can grow with your network needs.

In enterprise networks, the module’s durability and long operational life reduce maintenance costs and enhance network reliability, keeping business operations smooth with negligible downtime. For service providers, the long-reach capabilities ensure that data can be transmitted efficiently over long distances without degradation, reducing the need for signal boosters and the costs associated with them.

Moreover, the DWDM-XFP-46.92’s design prioritizes low power consumption, delivering energy efficiency that contributes to lower operating costs and supports organizations in achieving sustainability goals.

Investing in the DWDM-XFP-46.92 also means future-proofing your network. As demand for data and bandwidth will only increase, having a capable infrastructure in place will enable seamless expansion to meet future needs. For any network administrator looking to optimize their data transmission capabilities and ensure their operations can meet tomorrow’s demands, the DWDM-XFP-46.92 is an ideal choice. DWDM XFP 1546.92 nm XFP (100 GHz ITU grid)

Discover the Advantages of the DWDM-XFP-46.92 from Northland Systems

The DWDM-XFP-46.92 representing the pinnacle of wavelength division multiplexing technology, tailored for your sophisticated optical networking needs. Before diving into the specifics of this remarkable module, let’s consider the exclusive benefits that Northland Systems offers.

Affordable Quality with a Guarantee

Obtaining the DWDM-XFP-46.92 from Northland Systems means experiencing the harmony of affordability and quality. You get a premium, meticulously tested product at wholesale pricing, backed by a firm 100% Low Price Guarantee. Take advantage of this unprecedented value, knowing that the compromise is not a term associated with Northland Systems.

Expert Support at No Additional Cost

Professional guidance is invaluable, especially when it comes from experienced CCIE-certified experts. By choosing Northland Systems, you unlock the benefit of free expert support across various communication channels. Enhancing your product experience significantly, this expert assistance ensures you make the most out of your DWDM-XFP-46.92 module.

Secure, Flexible Shopping Experience

Completing your transaction with Northland Systems is a seamless process. Expertise goes hand in hand with security and flexibility in payment and shipping options, fortified by certifications from McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured. Your peace of mind is paramount, ensuring that every step of your purchase is safeguarded.

Authenticity and Condition Certified

Authenticity is non-negotiable; hence, Northland Systems guarantees that each DWDM-XFP-46.92 module is genuine. Options range from “New Sealed” to “Used / Refurbished,” each fully tested for reliability by Cisco-certified engineers. This commitment to authenticity and condition underscores the trustworthiness of our offerings.

Transact with Confidence

Your confidence in our products is echoed in our 100% Money Back Guarantee. This assurance reflects our commitment to your satisfaction, reinforcing the trustworthiness of the DWDM-XFP-46.92 and every other product provided by Northland Systems.

A Trusted Industry Presence with Discounts

Since 1997, Northland Systems has been a beacon in the industry, synonymous with reliability and fiscal prudence. When you choose the DWDM-XFP-46.92, you are not just purchasing a product but also tapping into substantial discounts reflective of our desire to support your economic efficiency.

The Edge of Pre-owned Hardware

Opting for pre-owned hardware, such as the DWDM-XFP-46.92, opens a realm of advantages: significant cost savings, rapid delivery, full warranty coverage, and a positive environmental impact. Additionally, you gain access to rare, legacy parts that guarantee long-term network stability and performance.

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DWDM XFP 1544.53 nm module, brand DWDM-XFP-44.53, high-capacity networking, 10 Gbps

DWDM-XFP-46.92 DWDM XFP 1546.92 nm XFP (100 GHz ITU grid)

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