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DWDM-XFP-40.56 DWDM XFP 1540.56 nm XFP (100 GHz ITU grid)


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The DWDM-XFP-40.56 is a crucial component for any communication network that requires high bandwidth and long-reach connectivity. With this XFP module, networks can scale up quickly to meet increasing data demands without the need for laying more fiber. This means reduced upgrade costs and a more efficient use of existing infrastructure. The 1540.56 nm wavelength aligns with the 100 GHz ITU grid, ensuring compatibility with standardized network protocols and paving the way for easy integration into existing DWDM systems.

One should buy the DWDM-XFP-40.56 because of its reliable performance in maintaining signal integrity over extended distances, an essential factor for backbone networks and data centers. The module’s ability to support a 10Gbps data transfer rate makes it suitable for a diverse range of high-speed applications, including Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and OTN. Users benefit from the prospect of reduced latency and an overall improvement in data transfer efficiencies.

Another selling point of the DWDM-XFP-40.56 is its interoperability with other DWDM equipment, making it an adaptable solution for a variety of network configurations. Each XFP transceiver is hot-swappable, reducing network downtime during upgrades or maintenance. This, along with its low power consumption, contributes to lower operational expenditures. The investment in a DWDM-XFP-40.56 module from Nortland Systems is an investment in a scalable, future-proof networking solution that promises consistent reliability and enhanced network performance.
DWDM-XFP-40.56 from Northland Systems

When considering the DWDM-XFP-40.56 XFP 1540.56 nm module (100 GHz ITU grid) for your networking requirements, choosing Northland Systems ensures not just a product, but an experience that stands out in this competitive market.

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In summary, purchasing the DWDM-XFP-40.56 module from Northland Systems offers not just a product but a secure, affordable, and supported networking investment.

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DWDM-XFP-40.56 DWDM XFP 1540.56 nm XFP (100 GHz ITU grid)

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